9 Ways to Overcome Anger and Find Inner Peace ...


9 Ways to Overcome Anger and Find Inner Peace ...
9 Ways to Overcome Anger and Find Inner Peace ...

If you've ever been raging mad, you know why it's important to have some ways to overcome anger. Being mad serves its purpose, but you have to be careful not to let your emotions drive you to do or say something you don't really mean. Having some tools for finding your inner peace and channeling your anger is important for all girls. So use these tips for overcoming anger and you'll be all set.

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Acknowledge Your Feelings

facial expression, human hair color, blond, girl, mouth, Before you can get into the ways to overcome anger, you first have to recognize it. Most of us live life without really reflecting on we feel. In fact, if I asked you while reading this to state how you feel at this moment, you may struggle to put your finger on it. We are not taught to be in touch with our feelings. More so, we are often encouraged subconsciously by our parents to stuff our feelings down, in order to present a comfortable face to the world. Anger is especially not welcome. From a young age, we are discouraged to show anger, and so we learn to hide it. Yet anger is as natural a feeling as love. It must be harnessed and never turn into rage. But to deny its existence is to negate an essential part of humankind. So, acknowledge when you feel angry.


Put Your Anger in Perspective

nose, chin, mouth, jaw, Having acknowledged that you feel angry, ask yourself if it is a valid anger. Is it really worth you feeling this way? If you get angry because a car cut in front of you on the road, try to assess whether it is worth your time to get worked up about it. Perhaps it’s better to just let it go. There are obviously legitimate situations in which anger is healthy and right, for example, if you have been deceived in some way by someone close to you. Just keep it in perspective.


Write It down

person, chin, gentleman, professional, facial hair, Many of the greatest thinkers and writers have been great in part because they have kept journals. Journals are a private way of exploring your feelings and thoughts. When you journal, it is as though you are addressing another person, so you are in a sense detached from your thoughts. What is happening is that you are mulling through them as you write, and venting at the same time. Sometimes, the act is cathartic enough to work through the anger and put it aside. If not, keep at it until you reach some resolution.


Speak about It

nose, girl, mouth, finger, long hair, If you are angry with someone, as difficult as it may be to approach the topic with them, it may be better for both of you in the long run if you do so. You will have to be diplomatic, as the consequences could potentially be damaging. But most people appreciate honesty and will appreciate your courage in confronting them. The results may be a deeper understanding of each other.


Rid Yourself of Things That Make You Angry

, If you are the kind of person who gets worked up around war and injustice, while these are noble issues and the world needs people like you, you might want to consider limiting the amount of time you give to watching the news. Seeing suffering when we are helpless to assist can make us feel even more angry. Rather, get directly involved in something that you think is helping the world, whether it be feeding the homeless or signing petitions. These are all fruitful ways of expressing your anger at world injustice.


Start Your Day with Gratitude

human hair color, girl, black hair, mouth, brown hair, Anger can become obsessive to the point that it obscures the good things in our lives. Start your day with a reflection on what you have that is good in your life. Just saying “thank you” for one thing, such as the love of your pet or the fact that you have food in the fridge, is enough to put you in a good frame of mind.


Don't Take Things Personally

professional, The car that cut in front of you wasn’t doing it to you personally. You just happened to be the object in the way. The bad service you got at the coffee shop was probably also unrelated to you personally. Perhaps the server was just having a bad moment and you arrived just at that point. Don’t take these random things personally.



photo caption, album cover, film, computer wallpaper, human behavior, Take a deep breath and release it. Do this many times. You will feel cleansed.


Get out in Nature

hair, face, human hair color, nose, eyebrow, It is almost impossible to stay angry when you are witnessing the miracle of a waterfall, or walking in a field full of spring flowers. Leaving your urban surroundings, even if it is just to go to a neighboring park, and being surrounded by greenery, refreshes the mind, body and soul. If you are able to, take a road trip to a place that you find beautiful. If you have even more time, book a retreat somewhere in a forest.

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