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7 Ways to Improve a Bad Day ...

By Melissa

We all have moments when we need ways to improve a bad day. You shouldn’t let a bad day get the best of you. With these 8 ways to improve a bad day you can make even the worst day a little bit better.

1 Do Something for You

Often we get caught up in doing for everyone else that we neglect ourselves. If this sounds like you, then stop for a moment and think of something you would really like. Make sure this benefits no else but yourself. Maybe it’s time for a new haircut, a fresh mani/pedi or maybe you’ve always wanted a massage. Girl, what are you waiting for? These are all great ways to improve a bad day and what better excuse to spoil yourself a little.

2 Talk It out

Sometimes we just need to vent. When I am having a horrible day I confide in one of my dear friends. We have an understanding that the awful and mean things we may say during the moment when we are first put off don’t really count. While at the moment they maybe our true feelings, they aren’t always rational thoughts. We let each other spout off. It’s much better to get things off your chest than letting it fester inside.

3 Favorite Foods

Some people call them their comfort foods, but we all have something that makes us feel better after a bad day. Divulge yourself for just one meal and enjoy your favorite dinner or a sinfully delicious dessert. No guilt allowed!

4 Sweat It out

Another excellent way to recover from a bad day is to sweat it out. Whatever your preferred method of working out is, take all the pent up frustration and anger and put it all into a hard core work out. Pound the pavement with a good run, dance until you fall on the floor, or ride your bike off into the sunset. Whatever it is you chose, you will feel much better after. Although I can’t promise you won’t feel a little sore in the morning.

5 Laughter

Of course laughter always lightens a mood. Do you have a favorite movie that puts a smile on your face? Maybe you find a little joy in watching others get hurt doing stupid stunts. More sensitive people may prefer to watch cute babies and animals. I personally enjoy all three and often find myself looking through funny videos on the internet to better my day.

6 Steamy Shower or Bath

Nothing relieves the stress from a bad day like a warm soak in the tub. Aww! It’s just so soothing and relaxing to me. Of course the idea of sitting in a bath skives some people out. If that is you, try a steamy shower. Enjoy the warm water on your skin and wash the worries and negativity from your day away.

7 Improve Someone else’s Day

I know it sounds kind of crazy to even think about making someone else happy when you are feeling defeated. Trust me on this one. It’s really hard to not feel good when you are doing something sweet for someone you love. The gesture doesn’t even have to be that big. A simple text message to a friend letting you know how much you care and why you appreciate her maybe just the thing you both need to turn the day around.

Hopefully your bad days are few and far between. However, the next time you are faced with a less than stellar day give some of these a try and let me know how it worked out for you in the end. Also, feel free to share some of your own ways to improve a bad day.

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