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What are the ways to grow your passion and career? As a child you envision creating a business that you feel passion for and are a success at. But as you get older, you wonder if it is even possible to make this dream into a reality. With all the demands and rigors of life, you forget what your passion was once and you fulfill the everyday demands of life. If this is you, I can relate, as I was once there and now every day I work, eat, breathe and sleep with intent of passion and career. Actually my passion and career are one and the same in many ways. And since I walked the walk, I can help you with these ways to grow your passion too!

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Create a List of Goals

If you have always wanted to run a marathon, write this down as one of your goals. If you have dreams to open up a day spa, list this out if it is your ultimate goal. List out all your life goals, including relationships, and put this in a safe place that you can go to and review. This is one of the beginning ways to grow your passion.


Create a Plan

If you want to run a marathon, you have to train yourself to get there. The same goes for if you want to open a day spa, you need to put in the proper planning, get funding and go from there. So create a plan to help you to achieve your goals. And remember, with passion and purpose you can achieve amazing things!


Stop Accepting Obstacles

If you notice obstacles get in the way of your career goals, do not accept this. Figure out another plan and make it happen. If we all allowed obstacles to get in our way, we would never make anything out of our lives. But if you use passion as your fuel, you will find a way to achieve your life goals. So find a way to make it happen!


Get Confident

You are capable of amazing things, especially if you get in the mindset and realize all that you can accomplish. If you get confident you will get more done in your life and stop letting life get in your way. Make life happen, do not let life happen to you.


Do Your Research

If you want to start your own business, do your market research to see if your business will even be successful in the area you plan on starting it. Also research the price you need to be at to make a profit while still maintaining a successful business. Then list out the reasons why you are starting this business. Passion and planning will help you to bring this business to great success!


Share Your Plans

Now that you have done some research and proper planning, share your goals with your parents. Your biggest supporters in life are usually your parents, so share your plans. Since parents are not only the biggest cheerleaders but also the most realistic, they can be honest about whether or not you are on a realistic plan, and they can guide you! And you will be a step closer to bettering your career and your life!


Know the Two Biggest Life Decisions

The two biggest life decisions you make are whom you choose to marry (if you decide to get married) and the career path you take. So make sure you use passion and knowledge when making your decision in both. These two important decisions will pave the path you will have in the future. So if you want to be happy, make the right decision!

So are you ready to live your life with passion, conviction and energy? Then get ready for a wonderful life ahead of you! Life is what you make of it, so make your life the one you deserve!

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