7 Ways to Grow Your Passion and Career ...


What are the ways to grow your passion and career? As a child you envision creating a business that you feel passion for and are a success at. But as you get older, you wonder if it is even possible to make this dream into a reality. With all the demands and rigors of life, you forget what your passion was once and you fulfill the everyday demands of life. If this is you, I can relate, as I was once there and now every day I work, eat, breathe and sleep with intent of passion and career. Actually my passion and career are one and the same in many ways. And since I walked the walk, I can help you with these ways to grow your passion too!

1. Create a List of Goals

If you have always wanted to run a marathon, write this down as one of your goals. If you have dreams to open up a day spa, list this out if it is your ultimate goal. List out all your life goals, including relationships, and put this in a safe place that you can go to and review. This is one of the beginning ways to grow your passion.

Create a Plan
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