7 Ways to Get Attention when You Walk into a Room ...

How you present yourself is the key to how to get attention. Now, what kind of attention are you aiming for? Women can make men lust after them simply by wearing tight, low cut, body-hugging outfits. But smart women know how to get attention from men and people in general, by following some of the steps presented here.

1. Self-Possession

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I’m a big fan of the show Giuliana & Bill, and Giuliana in general. Whether it was her parents influence throughout her life, or just a mindset, Giuliana exudes confidence. And don’t forget, here’s a woman that interviews some of the best looking women in the world and never comes off as insecure. Giuliana commands respect and knows how to get attention, because she believes she deserves it. It got her a career and Bill Rancic!

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