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How you present yourself is the key to how to get attention. Now, what kind of attention are you aiming for? Women can make men lust after them simply by wearing tight, low cut, body-hugging outfits. But smart women know how to get attention from men and people in general, by following some of the steps presented here.

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Self-Possession I’m a big fan of the show Giuliana & Bill, and Giuliana in general. Whether it was her parents influence throughout her life, or just a mindset, Giuliana exudes confidence. And don’t forget, here’s a woman that interviews some of the best looking women in the world and never comes off as insecure. Giuliana commands respect and knows how to get attention, because she believes she deserves it. It got her a career and Bill Rancic!


Dress like a Million Bucks

Dress like a Million Bucks I didn’t say you NEED a million bucks, just dress like you have it. Put some thought and effort into selecting your attire. Plenty of women have a commanding presence without having a big budget for clothes. Learn all about styling the clothes you CAN afford. Even an inexpensive outfit can turn heads if it's clean, fits well, and you complement it with the proper accessories.


Don’t Look down

Don’t Look down You might want to pick someone you admire and just channel their energy. Can you imagine Oprah walking into a room with her eyes downcast? Never going to happen. Make eye contact with people you pass along the way, and nod and smile as you continue walking. If you stop to chat with someone, keep that eye contact going, but break it off naturally every now and then, by glancing to the side.


Walk This Way

Walk This Way In Pretty Woman, Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) tells Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) to stop fidgeting as she’s walking. This is excellent advice. You never want to enter a room sending signals that scream insecurity. Walk tall, keeping your hands off of your hair and clothing.



Self-Assurance I was immediately attracted to a man, who after many years is still an important person in my life, because of how he entered a room. Instead of going directly to his destination within the room, he stopped to chat with several people, shaking hands and making eye contact along the way. This self-assurance is incredibly attractive and commands attention from people that don’t know you, but wish they did.


Be Desirable

Be Desirable OK, not in a provocative way. You are desirable to be around when you have a genuine smile that's a mirror of your attitude. When you stop to talk with someone, you are actually listening to what they say. This behavior will be observed by others and make them eager to make your acquaintance.


Maintaining eye contact and wearing a confident grin will amplify your natural charm. Show interest by asking questions and engaging in the conversation, which signals that you're both present and approachable. Your enthusiasm for the interaction should shine through, making that person feel like the center of your world for that moment. Such warmth and attentiveness make you magnetic, drawing others towards you with ease.


Keep the Cell Phone Stashed

Keep the Cell Phone Stashed You might think you’ll get attention if you enter a room using a cell phone, but the attention will be mostly negative. The people that are there to see you will find themselves in competition with your phone. The people that have yet to meet you will think you’re a poser.

Next time you see someone who commands a room, watch what they do and consider displaying some of those characteristics that feel most natural to you. Wouldn’t you be eager to meet someone that walked into a room demonstrating the best of these qualities?

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Excellent advice!

great advice!

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nice advice

awesome article 🌷

@CrazyGirl, I'm glad this turns you off and I hope you don't get that caught up in him that you would overlook this bad habit. They don't call if CrackBerry for nothing! I'd hate to see a pretty girl like you walking beside some guy who was too busy with his phone to pay proper attention to his woman!

There this guy I'm interested in. And every,single,time I see him around he's always on his phone. that turns me off!! I mean,does he do anything else but that??

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