7 Ways to Deal when Someone Constantly Imitates You ...

It can be difficult to deal when someone constantly imitates you. This can occur by someone trying to imitate your style, your personality or even your manner in the workplace. It is good to realize it really has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Regardless, it can be very annoying, so here are some techniques you might use to deal when someone constantly imitates you.

1. Take It as a Compliment

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When someone constantly imitates you, try to take it as a compliment. I know that it can be really frustrating but experts say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Realize that it means that the person imitating you thinks you are pretty great. They admire your style in dress, personality or whatever way they are imitating you. Focusing on that may help you feel a little better.

2. Realize Other People Know What is Going on

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It can also be helpful to realize that other people know what is going on. Most people are not easily fooled when someone acts this way. They know exactly who is copying whom. Don’t be embarrassed by it because it isn’t you who is doing the imitating. Hold your head high and know that you are being your true self and what other people do with your unintentional influence is on them.

3. Laugh about It

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Sometimes it can help to laugh about a situation such as this with a close girlfriend. It just kind of relieves the pressure of someone copying you. It is only normal that you don’t like someone imitating you. You are who you are and want to be an individual. That is okay. Laughing about it can help you to feel a bit better about the situation.

4. Encourage Their Individuality

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Sometimes, when dealing with an individual that imitates you, it can be helpful to encourage them to develop their own individuality. Maybe they are a superb cook and you aren’t. Encourage them to get more involved with that passion and tell them how wonderful they are. If they usually imitate your clothing, compliment them when they wear something that isn’t similar to how you dress. You never know, this just may stop this habit of theirs.

5. Comment on It

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Sometimes, you can make a light little comment on the fact that they are imitating you. It doesn’t have to be direct. Saying something like you noticed they have the same top as you may be enough. It is a way to let them know you notice the coincidence. It could make them realize you are onto them and encourage them to stop.

6. Call Them out on It Directly

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There are times when you have just had all you can take. Maybe the person imitating you has gotten really extreme with it. Others may be noticing it or commenting on it. In this situation, you might consider talking to them about it. It doesn’t have to be an unkind conversation; just simply state that you notice they seem to imitate you a lot. You can't make them stop but you can let them know you see it.

7. Don’t Give Away Your Secrets

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If you are dealing with a situation where someone wants to imitate your style, you can choose to handle it this way. Don’t give away your secrets. If they ask where you got your gorgeous new chevron tunic, tell them at a favorite little store you love. It is even okay to say that you keep your fashion finds a secret. You are not obligated to tell them anything.

It can be difficult when you are dealing with this situation. Have you ever been there? How did you cope with it?

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