7 Ways to Cut down the Time You Spend Online ...


Let’s just cut to the chase. Many of us will admit we spend far too much time online. It’s a rare person these days who exists without technology. And we know how easier it has made, well, just about everything. But it is also addictive. It has made some of us into social lepers, being unable to communicate in words of more than one syllable, not being able to make a decision without asking an app for advice first. Ok – so that’s the extreme but if you’re conscious of spending too much time online and you want to cut down – without the need to just shut it all off – here are some ways.

1. Don't Just Browse for Browsing's Sake

One way to cut down time spent online is to avoid the common pattern of turning on the computer or laptop to just browse. Of course, you want to unwind after you come back from school or work, but don't just sit on your computer and start browsing aimlessly. Be sure to begin with purpose and understand that this habit is only a waste of time.

Don't Feel Bad about Not Reading All Your Emails
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