9 Ways to Cultivate the Art of Laziness ...

Do you rush around doing errand to errand, spend your work day accomplishing task after task? Do you ever slow down? Do you fall into bed every night, exhausted? Modern life is crazy hectic and you might think you never have time to stop and smell the flowers. If this is an all too familiar story, then girl you need to find ways to be lazy.

1. Don’t do Anything Unnecessary

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Keep things simple. Go to work, go home and relax. Don’t do anything that doesn’t need to be done. This could be anything that won’t negatively impact your life if you don’t do it. Things like vacuuming, cleaning, folding up clothes and arranging them in order of color, all fall under this category. Okay, so don’t let your house get in a state and dust if you must, but a little bit of fluff on the carpet isn’t going to kill anyone. Relax.

2. Leave the World behind

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Keep away from your social networking sites. They are full of uninteresting dramas that you risk getting sucked into. They will drain your energy; energy that you could have used resting your brain and sleeping.

3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

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If you want to know how to be lazy, then here is the golden ticket. Stop complaining about things you can’t change - lazy people just don’t do that! Lazy people are carefree souls who keep their cool in even the most stressful situation. Our kind brush stuff off and move on. We don’t dwell, whine or moan about petty stuff - we’re too lazy to waste our energy on that.

4. Manage Your Time Better

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When you manage your time better, you will have more space in your life for laziness. Do assignments when you get them, fold your washing up as soon as it is dry and put things away soon as you are finished with them. Otherwise you will end up with heaps to do all at once. Us lazy people haven’t got time for all those busy, boring jobs.

5. Avoid Work and Avoid It Well

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Lazy means not working. However, don’t just ditch your day job. Come up with new and creative ways to avoid the busy office on days when you feel the urge to laze about. Don’t go for the regular excuses though, bosses see right through them. Engage your brain (for several minutes) and think up something new and clever. This trick can be applied to anything that you don’t want to do. Got an engagement coming up that you’re dreading? Use a good excuse, pull on your PJs and relax.

6. Do Nothing

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When I say, “do nothing” I literally mean nothing. I don’t mean sit on the sofa and browse the web or read a book. Literally sit down and stare into space. Get lost in your thoughts and day dreams, relax and rest up your mental power.

7. Sleep

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Now don’t be sleeping so much that you end up as the couch potato variety of lazy. Sleep just enough (maybe a little more) to fully rest your body and mind. Don’t miss out on helping people out or socializing because you simply can’t get your butt out of bed. Sleep is an important part of being lazy. Enjoy it.

8. Delegate Your Workload

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Get someone else to do the work for you! You never know you might end up helping them to realise that they love doing something that you hate. You could open a whole new world to that person. How kind of you!

9. Find Easier Ways to do Stuff

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You’re at work and you have a to-do list as long as your arm. That’s not going to fly if you want to be a true lazy person. Take a moment to think of the best way to get your tasks done well, but in less time. This might be a case of using software to type work up for you, post social messages or using machines to staple your work together. After all, stapling is very strenuous. Conserve your energy for fun stuff and don’t waste it where it isn’t needed.

You may have guessed by now that laziness isn’t a bad thing. And it’s about being smarter, working cleverer and just being on top of things so you find precious time for yourself. I’d love to be more lazy, wouldn’t you?

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