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10 Ways to Create Your Own Alter Ego ...

By Lucy

Alter egos are fun to create as well as being quite popular.
Many celebs have an alter ego such as Sacha Baron Cohen (Bruno and Borat), Peter Parker (Spiderman), Beyoncé (Sasha Fierce), Eminem (Slim Shady), Bruce Wayne (Batman)...and the list goes on.

Step outside of your own shoes for a while and create your own alter ego, complete with a unique and original personality, style and persona. Draw a sketch of your alter ego and brainstorm a list of their personality traits to help you create.

Word of warning: Make sure you only use your alter ego when you need to and occasionally. Although an alter ego is fun to create, make sure you know how to identify between your true self and your alter ego (otherwise it can be hard to distinguish between them). If this happens it can be dangerous for your mental health.

1 Basics

Create a fun and original name for your alter ego.

This could be anything that's catchy, easy to remember or simply a name that you like or may have wanted to be called.

Alternatively, it can be a name that is significant to you and has a special meaning that only you understand and know about.

Is your alter ego going to be a male or female?

How old are they?

Are they going to be the same age as you, younger or older?

What is their voice like?

Do they have an accent and are they quite easy or hard to understand?

Do they tend to slur their words or are they quite articulate?

Do they have any habits, whether their good or bad?

When is their birthday, what is their star sign, favourite colour, favourite food, favourite song etc.?

Nikolas Nicole, female, 25 yo, younger, 12/12, love dancin...

2 Physicality

How tall or short is your alter ego?

What colour eyes and hair colour do they have?

What is the length of their hair and what hairstyle?

Do they have any birthmarks or freckles, and if so, where?

Do they have any tattoos or piercings, and if so, where?

Nikolas 169cm, brown eyes, brown hair, pixie hair style, p...

3 Background

Where did your alter ego come from?

Have they been with you your whole life, always in your shadow as you've grown up or have they just joined you from another country across the world?

Have they had a rough, difficult life which has lead them to become very self-dependent and emotionally strong or have they had it pretty easy, cruising through life so far?

What is their favourite past time and what memories do they have?

Is there anything they would rather forget didn't happen?

Nikolas have been always in my shadow as I've grown up, a...

4 Personality

What is your alter ego like?

Do they have a bad temper that fires up quickly or are they quite calm and relaxed in nature?

Are they very stubborn, ambitious and determined to get what they want or do they tend to give up easily and walk away?

Are they quite kind and thoughtful of others or can they be quite selfish and self-absorbed?

Nikolas Sensitive, ambitious and determined...

5 Behaviour

How does your alter ego behave?

How do they go about getting what they want and in what manner?

Are they quite tactful and resourceful or do they demand things off others until it's given to them?

Does your alter ego aim to protect you and keep you safe, and if so, how do they do this?

Nikolas My alter ego aim always to protect me from myself ...

6 Strengths and Weaknesses

What are they especially good and skilled at?

What comes easily and naturally to them?

What can you trust them to be able to do?

Is their strength that they are very good at achieving their goals?

Are they very good at martial arts and self-defence?

What do they struggle with and what doesn't come naturally to them?

Do they have more strengths than weaknesses or vice versa?

Is their weakness that they can't take criticism well and tend to get very defensive?

Do they have a weak spot for anything?

Nikolas Skilled at make up and style, languages Being attr...

7 Purpose

When will your alter ego emerge and what will it be used for?

Will it be used for protection, whenever you're in danger and need some help?

Will it be used to help you achieve your goals and make your dreams come true?

Will it be used to gain more confidence, used socially to make more friends and meet new people?

Will it be used in times of self-doubt, when you're feeling particularly vulnerable and just need someone to cheer you up?

Nikolas In the future hopefully ang will used for making t...

8 Relationships

What kind of connections does your alter ego have with other people?

Do they generally have positive or negative relationships with others?

What sort of relationship do you have with your alter ego?

Nikolas positive relatiomships with others...

9 Style

What's your alter ego's sense of style?

What kind of clothes do they generally wear?

What does their style say about them as a person? Does it reflect who they are?

Nikolas Elegant and yet sexy...

10 Flaws

What are a few major flaws that your alter ago has?

Your alter ego must have flaws. It's very bad to create an alter ego that is seemingly perfect, because this could lead to self-doubt and low self-esteem.

Remember that no one is perfect, not even an alter ego!

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