7 Ways to Become More Comfortable with Your Sexuality ...


Your sexuality can refer to what gender you're attracted to or how happy you are with your own body. All in all, the only important thing is how comfortable you are with yourself. You should be confident enough to do what you love to do and date whom you want to date without worrying about the opinions of others. Here are a few ways to become more comfortable with your sexuality:

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Ignore Stereotypes

There's nothing wrong with being a man who wears pink or a woman who wears suits. In fact, it's becoming more and more common for men to dress femininely and woman to dress masculinely, no matter what their sexual orientation is. Luckily, the world is continuing to become more accepting, so if you're a girl who likes baseball or a boy who likes ballet, ignore what others say and do what you love.


Try New Things

If you want to find what truly makes you happy, you should be more open to trying new things. More men should try going to the spa and getting manicures. More women should try getting under the hood of a car and learning how to fix it. The sooner that men and women's activities overlap, the sooner everyone will forget that there's a difference between genders.


Make New Friends

If all of your friends are clones of each other, you'll never learn anything about the diversity in the world. You should travel, make friends on the Internet, or join a new club in order to meet people that you'd otherwise never cross paths with. When you meet different types of people, it'll be easier for you to be accepting of them and of yourself.


Talk to Different Genders

While you're on your quest to make new friends from different walks of life, don't forget to make friends of different genders. You don't want all your buddies to be female. Make sure you're close to some guys, and to some girls, so that your world view is widened.


Listen to More Music

Music is the answer to pretty much everything. If you want to become comfortable with your sexuality, there are plenty of musicians that will inspire you. There are even a lot of Youtubers that are pretty motivational and will encourage you to be yourself. Inspirational stories are all around you, as long as you look for them.


Stop Judging Others

When you see someone wearing something you wouldn't be caught dead in, don't criticize them, even if it's only in your head. The meaner you are to strangers, the meaner you'll assume strangers are to you. If you start looking at everyone with more kindness in your eyes, then you'll have an easier time believing that strangers couldn't care less about you or your sexuality.


Give Yourself Alone Time

The easiest way to get comfortable with your sexuality, your body, and yourself is to clear your schedule so that you have some alone time. You don't want to spend it looking at tabloids that will try to convince you to act a certain way or talking to friends who could influence your opinion. Your private time should give you the chance to be completely alone with your thoughts.

Who cares what others think when you're happy with yourself? Inner peace is all you can ask for at the end of the day. Are you comfortable with your sexuality?

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Yes deeby...all genders❤️

Why do we always comment about the "gender" thing.. So sick of the politicizing...

and all the genders other than guys and girls too! :)

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