7 Ways to Be a Lover, Not a Fighter ...

If you are curious about ways to be a lover instead of a fighter, this is the list for you, lady! It's healthy to fight for things and people that are important to you but it's another thing to constantly pick a fight. Here are some key ways that have helped me be a lover, even when I didn't want to be.

1. Be Nice

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This may sound obvious but one way to be a loving person is to be nice. You don't have to be fake. Unless you are a natural actress it will be obvious if you are trying to be a lover when you are really in a funky mood. But a great rule of thumb is not to let your feelings dictate how you treat people. When I was in college the movie Mean Girls came out and it made being mean the cool thing to be. But I soon realized that being nice would get me further in life. It's refreshing to be around a genuinely nice woman; anyone can be a wicked witch.

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