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52 Vintage Dishes to Inspire Your Next Thrift Store Trip ...

By Eliza

Vintage dishes are something I really enjoy looking at and imagining the history behind them. Sadly, I don't have enough room in my house to collect them, but it's fun to admire them when I find them. You can use incomplete sets of vintage dishes for many things, but if you're lucky enough to find the entire set, display or use them for a unique look in your home.

1 Scalloped Pyrex

Scalloped Pyrex Via little betty sews: 5 Days
Why can't Pyrex be as cool now as it used to be? I love these vintage dishes in bright colors with a fancy border.

2 Hobnail

Hobnail Via SPECIAL PRICE - Vintage Early ...
I love the look of hobnail and these white dishes would look great anywhere in your house.

3 Baking Dishes

Baking Dishes Via
My baking dishes are plain and boring, but I think cooking would be so much more fun with these cute ones.

4 Honey Bee

Honey Bee Via Honey Bee Plate
The image is so detailed and melds perfectly with the gold and turquoise border. So cute!

5 Mix and Match

Mix and Match Via Blessed Serendipity
I love how all the dishes go together, but aren't exactly the same. Those avocado green and white ones? My mom got those as a wedding gift and still has some of them.

6 So Much Color

So Much Color Via My Pyrex Collection
If I had this many vintage dishes, I'd totally display them exactly the same way.

7 Feminine

Feminine Via My Favorite Color
These dishes are a bit more feminine, but back in the day, the kitchen was a woman's domain so she could choose whatever she wanted.

8 Collections

Collections Via Vintage Tupperware and Fire King
I love all the different patterns and colors used in the various collections.

9 Flowers and Polka Dots

Flowers and Polka Dots Via All Things Shabby and Beautiful
Flowers and polka dots come together in this set for a fun outdoorsy feel perfect for dinner in the backyard.

10 One of Each

One of Each Via That Girl Can Cook!: Just ...
If you're a collector, gathering a variety of different vintage plates makes for a great display on the wall or in your china cabinet.

11 Pinks and Greens

Pinks and Greens Via Vintage & Salvage
It seems that a lot of vintage dishes feature pink and green. They look so good together so why change a good thing?

12 Bowls

Bowls Via
Vintage dishes were so well made that you can use the ones in your collection without worry.

13 Warm Colors

Warm Colors Via In Color Order
With the popularity of avocado green and mustard yellow in past decades, these red and orange dishes are a real find!

14 Tea Dishes

Tea Dishes Via Victorian Tea Set - Large ...
Wouldn't it be fun to serve tea to your grandma with these dishes?

15 Totally Retro

Totally Retro Via 017
I can just see these dishes rounding out a 1950s chrome kitchen. Love the color!

16 Insulated Bolws

Insulated Bolws Via Vintage Melmac Vintage Dish Ware ...
These little beauties are perfect for serving ice cream to the kids.

17 Butter Dishes

Butter Dishes Via Pretty Aqua Turquoise 2 Vintage ...
My mom has one of these too! Now that butter is sold in tubs, a lot of people don't even own a butter dish. I know I don't.

18 Roses in Pastel Colors

Roses in Pastel Colors Via Sommerhusliv Hele Aaret
I love how the stripes and roses go so well together. This set is perfect for an afternoon tea with your girls.

19 Flowers Galore

Flowers Galore Via Antiquaria
So many of the vintage dish sets I've seen feature these elegant flowers. They must have been so popular in their time.

20 A Little of Everything

A Little of Everything Via Suzy Homefaker: KITSCHY KITSCHY BANG ...
For the serious collector, this pile of vintage plates is a dream come true.

21 Red and White

Red and White Via Clever Ideas for Flea Market ...
These red and white china pieces look great in the old hutch with the photo at the bottom.

22 Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf Via 18 Perfect Wedding Gifts (And ...
The combination of light blue and gold on this set of dishes is so sophisticated.

23 Casserole Dishes

Casserole Dishes Via Vintage Turquoise Butterprint Cinderella Baking ...
During a time when casseroles were an everyday dinner option, most kitchens were outfitted with baking dishes like these.

24 Big Floral

Big Floral Via Madelief
Imagine how great it would be to eat dinner of these plates.

25 Color Coodinated

Color Coodinated Via
I love how all the colors are different, but somehow still go so well together.

26 Fire King Jadeite

Fire King Jadeite Via Love it
I've seen the occasional piece of this at the thrift store, but if I had a whole set I'd use it everyday!

27 An Entire Set

An Entire Set Via Sur la Table
These sets would be great for a wedding or bridal shower, don't you think?

28 Retro Design

Retro Design Via Items similar to Vintage Franciscan ...
I absolutely love how you get a sense of the era just by looking at these dishes.

29 Fancy Patterns

Fancy Patterns Via Gallery & Inspiration | Category ...
Dishes from bygone eras often featured these fancy raised patterns.

30 Serving Platters

Serving Platters Via Steadmans' Corner
While vintage dishes are fun to have, it only makes sense to use them sometimes, right?

31 Lots of Detail

Lots of Detail Via
Look at all the precision and depth to the images on these plates.

32 Soup Tureen and Accessories

Soup Tureen and Accessories Via Vintage Ironstone Soup Tureen and ...
I love how glamorous this set is. Imagine pulling it out and serving soup on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

33 Pink

Pink Via Ballerina Set Pink Pastel
This lovely pink set sort of reminds me of Fiestaware. It would look great in a white kitchen.

34 China Cups

China Cups Via Vintage Dish Rental - vintage ...
I love the huge array of patterns and colors. What fun it would be to collect these!

35 Repurposed

Repurposed Via Clever Ideas for Flea Market ...
If you only have one item from a set, use it to display flowers or as a conversation starter in your home.

36 Pink Blooms

Pink Blooms Via Vintage dishes
Have you noticed how popular pink blooms are on old dishes? These are especially elegant.

37 Character Dishes

Character Dishes Via RESERVED for Rochelle - An ...
Your little ones will love these old style dishes with fun friends to look at.

38 Blue Color Palette

Blue Color Palette Via Vintage dishes
All this blue looks so great stacked together on these shelves.

39 Single Colors

Single Colors Via I love the pastel colors ...
These solid colored dishes are fun and you can mix and match them with other dishes.

40 White and Blue

White and Blue Via Thrifting blue
These white and blue dishes are my absolute favorites!

41 People Images

People Images Via
These cute dishes have little people on them. What a fun way to relive the fashions of the era.

42 Colored Glass

Colored Glass Via Vintage Dishes
I love the colored glass swirled into the clear glass of this bowl.

43 Glass Cloche

Glass Cloche Via Vintage Dish and Clear Glass ...
I totally wish I had some of these covers for my plates. They are so beautiful.

44 Limoges Covered Butter Dish

Limoges Covered Butter Dish Via Theodore Haviland Limoges Butter Dish, ...
Way back when, these covered butter dishes were a common appearance on kitchen tables.

45 Gray and Blue

Gray and Blue Via mid century bowl set
This is a color combination that's come back into style so if you can find these dishes, you can create a look that's a little bit modern, a little bit retro.

46 Sunshine Yellow

Sunshine Yellow Via RESERVED for J - Mid ...
This sunshine yellow color was pretty popular there for a while, but I think these dishes are still in vogue.

47 Berry Bowls

Berry Bowls Via Rose pattern berry bowls-Homer Laughlin-Rhythym ...
I can't imagine having a set of bowls just for berries, but one of these would be cute to keep loose change or your rings in while you wash dishes.

48 Footed Teacup and Saucer

Footed Teacup and Saucer Via Vintage Sage Blue Lusterware Footed ...
How unique is this set of dishes? With a bit of an Oriental feel, they'll take you back in time for sure.

49 Atomic Starburst

Atomic Starburst Via Atomic Starburst Salem North Star ...
This is a classic 50s look that most anyone would love to have in their kitchen.

50 Tiny Flower Pots

Tiny Flower Pots Via this morning
These adorable little flowerpots are fun for any kitchen. I wish I had them in mine.

51 Orange Flowers

Orange Flowers Via SALE Vintage Stylecraft Mug Set ...
I vaguely recall my grandma having dishes like these. I sort of wish she still did because I love them.

52 Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers Via CORELLE VINTAGE DISHES Set of ...
I'm sure we've all seen a dish like this one at one point or another. This was a pretty common pattern on dishes for a while.

Do you have any vintage dishes? What's your favorite pattern on old stuff? I love the retro patterns!

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