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7 Videos That Will Change Your Perception of Beauty ...

By Charissa

Messages that aim to change your perception of beauty fuel a change within you and challenge your thinking. They are not only inspiring, but will make you feel better about yourself too, giving you that self-esteem boost you need. Check out this list of videos that will change your perception of beauty. They are definitely worth the watch and worth sharing as well.

1 Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Did you know only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful? It's a shockingly sad statistic, which is why Dove wants to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. In other words, Dove is on mission to change your perception of beauty. This video just goes to show that you don't see yourself as you are, you don't realise your own beauty, and you are definitely far more beautiful than you give yourself credit for.

2 Beauty Pressure

Dove films are raw, real and honest. Their campaigns take a different stance on beauty, which is always refreshing and very much needed. Media feeds us a lot about beauty and it's hard not to be influenced by its distorted message. However, the message behind this video is simple yet compelling; talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does. Among all the other talks and advices that parents give their children, the talk about beauty is just as important.

3 Cassandra's Camo Confession

Dermablend Professional's make-up ads are truly inspiring, and that's saying something when today's beauty industry is all about women concealing rather than revealing their true selves. Dermablend Professional's ads are a string of video confessions and in this one, popular YouTuber Cassandra Bankson shares how she no longer uses make-up as a means to cover up her severe acne, but to express and show the world who she really is.

4 Cheri's Camo Confession

The message behind Dermablend Professional's confessions may be counter-intuitive, but a believable one nevertheless. As Cheri states in her confession, the make-up helps people see through her skin condition and see who she is on the inside. The ads are a heart-warming take in comparison to the regular beauty commercials, it even encourages anyone to upload their own #CamoConfessions.

5 Ellen's Monologue

Ellen DeGeneres is a comedic genius! She will certainly leave you with belly-aching laughter, always, but she's not all about the laughs alone. Watch this monologue where Ellen shares her thoughts on being asked whether she was shocked that she was chosen for a beauty campaign, and what conventional beauty means to her.

6 Boggie: Nouveau Parfum

Hungarian singer-songwriter, Boggie, reveals in her music video how image-editing software products portray an unrealistic image of women. It's a truthful and eye-opening twist to the usual glamour music videos we are often so taken with. It serves as a reminder that media's depiction of beauty is a far stretch from natural beauty. You surely don't need to know French to understand the beautiful message behind this clip.

7 Killing Us Softly

If you think you are not influenced by advertisements simply because you choose to tune them out, think again. Killing Us Softly is four part feminist documentary about advertising's image of women. Jean Kilbourne brings to light gender stereotypes, the effects of advertising on women's self-image and the objectification of women's bodies. Her analysis is mind-blowing, it challenges you to take a closer look at what advertisements are really selling. So, when you have a little time on your hands, sit down to watch this riveting documentary.

There are many definitions out there as to what beauty is or what beauty should be. At the end of the day, what's important is to learn to be comfortable with who you are, because that teaches others to do the same.

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