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I believe that everyone should learn how to be charming since this is a skill everyone needs nowadays. You can become a more likable and more enjoyable person if you put a little effort into it and if you have enough patience. While for some people being charming comes very naturally, for others things are a bit differently and they need to learn how to develop this useful skill. Just try to understand what people want from you and use your attitude, your body language and your intelligence to be more charming. I couldn’t agree more with what P.D. James said: “Charm is often despised but I can never see why. No one has it who isn't capable of genuinely liking others, at least at the actual moment of meeting and speaking. Charm is always genuine; it may be superficial but it isn't false.” So just read on and learn a few very useful tips on how to be charming that will help you build an attractive personality:

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Exude Confidence

One of the most important things you should always keep in mind if you want to learn how to be charming is to try to always exude confidence, no matter what you do. Be positive, believe in yourself, have faith in your abilities and allow others to see that. Speak with confidence and whatever you say, say it with conviction! Learn to accept and love yourself just the way you are and let other people see what a wonderful person you really are.


Be Interested in People!

Always be genuinely interested in people, no matter if they did you wrong or not, if you like them or not, just show interest for what they have to say and respect their opinions. Get to know people better and never judge a book by its cover! Ask questions, be polite and most importantly, be empathetic!


Share Information about Yourself!

Don’t expect people to tell you their deepest secrets and give nothing in return! Share some information about yourself and allow others to get to know you better. Build a relationship based on trust with other people and be more approachable! I’m not saying you should tell them things that will make you feel uncomfortable, just be a bit more open and let people see what a wonderful and caring person you actually are.


Use Your Body Language

Your body language can say a lot of things about you, so pay attention to it and act in a way that will make you seem more confident, more determined and most importantly, approachable. Pay attention to your small gestures and improve your posture. You can even rehearse what you are going to say at a certain meeting and you can practice in a mirror how are you going to say it. Just show charisma through your body language and you’ll definitely be able to captivate everyone’s attention.


Make Eye Contact

Don’t be afraid to look people in the eyes when you are talking to them! Make sure you don’t stare at them, though, and show interest for what they have to say. By holding the other person’s eyes throughout your entire conversation you will definitely seem more charming and why not, more charismatic. Don’t check your phone and don’t look at other things when you are talking to them! Just make eye contact and truly listen to what they are telling you.

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Smile More Often!

By smiling more often, you will be perceived as a more approachable and more open person, you will make more friends and you will manage to draw everyone’s attention. When you meet someone, just smile genuinely and show them how excited you are that you finally got the opportunity to get to know them better.


Give Compliments

Offer people compliments more often and they will surely enjoy your company more! I’m not saying you should lie, just help them feel good about themselves since compliments are a sure way to raise someone’s self-esteem. Make people feel special by being an attentive listener and by always encouraging them to follow their dreams. Be polite and treat others with the respect they deserve. Everyone likes to hear what a wonderful person they are, so try to remind people of that more often!

If you need to learn how to be more charming, you will have to put in a little work and I’m sure you will win people’s sympathy in no time. Are you a charismatic person? What do you do to be this way? Do you know any other tips on how to be more charming that you could share with us? Please tell us about them in the comments section!

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