7 Types of Art You Probably Don't Know ...

There are many different perceptions of art, but I can guarantee you that there are types of art you haven’t heard of. Art is a very vast topic, and can be perceived as anything from doodling in your sketchbook to the Mona Lisa. Here are 7 types of art you probably never even thought to consider art, if you've even ever heard of them.

1. Matchstick Art

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The first one of these 7 types of art really brings "playing with matches" to a new level. I had never really thought to consider something as dangerous as matches as an artist’s tool, but who am I to judge? Unlit and already lit matches both have been made into multiple different types of things, including sculptures and wall art. In my search for interesting types of art, this was one of the first ones that caught my attention. I’m actually surprised at what some people make out of these little things; though I don’t recommend doing this by your fireplace.

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