7 Types of Art You Probably Don't Know ...


There are many different perceptions of art, but I can guarantee you that there are types of art you haven’t heard of. Art is a very vast topic, and can be perceived as anything from doodling in your sketchbook to the Mona Lisa. Here are 7 types of art you probably never even thought to consider art, if you've even ever heard of them.

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Matchstick Art

Matchstick Art The first one of these 7 types of art really brings "playing with matches" to a new level. I had never really thought to consider something as dangerous as matches as an artist’s tool, but who am I to judge? Unlit and already lit matches both have been made into multiple different types of things, including sculptures and wall art. In my search for interesting types of art, this was one of the first ones that caught my attention. I’m actually surprised at what some people make out of these little things; though I don’t recommend doing this by your fireplace.


Tin Foil Art

Tin Foil Art Tin foil is a very inexpensive way to cover food, or to sculpt into anything from a swan to a t-rex. I will always remember twisting tin foil around as a kid and calling it art, but adults actually do this too, and very well I might add. Tin foil art can be a range of things from sculptures to carving into the tin foil to give it an embossed look on the other side. Tin foil art is one of those types of art you can’t really get enough of once you look at it because it really sparks your interest. So whether you are a fan of this type of food cover or not, you can definitely use it to make art instead.


Tin foil's reflective surface and malleability make it perfect for creative experimentations beyond simple kitchen use. You can mold it into three-dimensional figures, or even create detailed relief paintings. Surprisingly, with the right techniques, it can be worked into delicate jewelry pieces or serve as the base for stunning wall hangings. What's more, because it's so accessible and affordable, it's a fantastic medium for those impromptu bursts of creativity or for anyone on a budget looking to explore their artistic side. Plus, working with tin foil can be incredibly therapeutic, as it requires focus and fine motor skills, offering a lustrous escape into the world of craft.


Scratchboard Art

Scratchboard Art I remember being a little kid and begging my mom to buy me those pictures that you color by scratching the black ink off. This has to be some of the most beautiful art, and the fact that they are mostly in black and white just adds to the pictures. This art scene is definitely one I recommend watching closely.


Sticky Note Art

Sticky Note Art Pretty much the opposite of scratchboard art is sticky note art. Sticky notes are very inexpensive and can be found at almost any store with office supplies. Sticky note art is very interesting because it creates a pixelated effect. They are also very colorful and could definitely make for some cool wall art. Though I’m sure this art takes some planning before you can start sticking these to the walls, it’s an art form more people need to be looking into.


Miniature Pencil Art

Miniature Pencil Art This art form was actually the art form that inspired me to write this article. It’s a very interesting form of art and if you haven’t seen it, you definitely need to give it a look. It really amazes me how creative people can be, and this particular art form shows more creativity than I ever thought about having. This art form is made by carving into the lead of either plain or colored pencils. It’s actually a type of sculpting and can be made by using needles, razor blades and other small tools. I’m quite fascinated by this art and one of the most famous artists that make this type of art is Dalton Ghetti. This art is very intricate and I still can’t believe what I’ve seen after looking it up several different times.


Popcorn Art

Popcorn Art Yes you read that right, people have somehow come up with a way to make art out of popcorn, and by people I mean a guy by the name of Harry Kalenberg. I’m pretty sure there is more than one person in this world who considers it an art form, but this is the most famous one out there. It’s actually pretty cool once you look at it, and I honestly don’t know what made him think of drawing on pieces of popcorn. He’s made several things out of popcorn ranging from Mickey Mouse to someone who vaguely resembles Abraham Lincoln. Laugh if you want, but this guy is going places.


Invisible (or Camouflage) Art

Invisible (or Camouflage) Art Invisible art, otherwise known as camouflage art, is strangely kind of popular. Call it ironic if you want to, but there are people who actually paint things to blend in with their background. Sometimes people paint other people to blend in with something they are standing in front of and I can definitely think of a few ways I would use this to my advantage if I possessed the talent. It’s actually funny because upon researching this I couldn’t see anything but different pictures of things like walls and books except for a faint outline of someone or something. I really hadn’t ever thought of this type of art until I researched some strange art forms and this one definitely caught my attention.

I’m sure that by now you really want to go out and try some of these interesting art forms; you might even be popping a bag of popcorn and getting your paint ready for all I know! I was actually surprised by a lot of these art forms and still can’t believe some of the photos I saw of this art when researching it. If you haven’t seen any of this art I definitely encourage you to look at it. Do you know of any other types of art that are interesting?

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