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Do you want to be a good friend and an even better girlfriend? Fortunately, there are several things you can do to develop qualities and traits that others will appreciate. Since no one is perfect, it's only smart to do a self-evaluation from time to time. This way, we can assess areas we need to work on.

Here are seven traits that can make you a good friend and an even better girlfriend.

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Listen and Don't Dominate Conversations

If you're a chatter box who loves talking about herself, you might unknowingly dominate conversations with your friends and boyfriend. Your stories might be entertaining and funny, but part of being a good friend is also being a good listener. Not that you can never talk about yourself, but you should also take a sincere interest in your friend and partner.


Make Sure You Always Have Your Friend's Back

Loyalty is an important trait, and if you're loyal to your friends and partner, these relationships will grow. As someone who has their friends back, you don't get involved in gossip about your friends, and you'll do whatever you can to present your friends in the best light.


Don't Expect Perfection from Others

You might be a perfectionist, but don't expect this type of perfection from others. The people in your life will make mistakes and sometimes they'll disappoint you. This doesn't mean you should give up on the relationship. Accept others with their flaws and be willing to forgive.


Be Honest and Tell the Truth

It's certainly easier to tell people exactly what they want to hear, but if you want to be a good friend and an even better girlfriend, it's important to be honest. This doesn't imply being rude or overly blunt with your honesty. But if a friend or partner confides in you, it's only fair to give an honest answer.


Be Encouraging and Supportive

Everyone goes through hard times. Whether they deal with disappointment or feel they're not good enough. Being a good friend means encouraging and supporting the ones you love. Even if you don't know the right words to say, simply being there, listening and offering a hug can provide the comfort and support they need.


Learn How to Celebrate Their Success

Jealousy and envy have no room in a relationship. Whether it's your best friend or your boyfriend, you need to understand that good things will happen to them; and sometimes, they might experience success when your life isn't going so well. In the back of your mind you might wonder, why don't good things happen to me? However, if you feel any hint of jealousy or envy, your friend or boyfriend might pick up on this.


Don't Try and Change the Other Person

In relationships, we learn from each other. And I do feel that couples -- and friends -- can help each other grow and become better people. But at the end of the day, don't go into a relationship with the intent of change someone. A person will only change if he or she wants to.

Being in any type of relationship is tough, but if you learn how to be a good friend and a good girlfriend, the relationship will flourish and last a long time. What are other traits that will make you a good friend and an even better girlfriend?

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I don't expect perfection but I do expect the same kindness and open mindedness , listening even at 1 am , if you want good friends you have to be a good friend

I like #3

Lol I've been messaging my best friend for the last 5 hours and it's 4am here right now. We're both just going to sleep.

Good post; pretty sure I've got these traits.

The picture is Teala and Maddy my favourites!


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