7 Traits That'll Make You a Good Friend and Girlfriend ...


Do you want to be a good friend and an even better girlfriend? Fortunately, there are several things you can do to develop qualities and traits that others will appreciate. Since no one is perfect, it's only smart to do a self-evaluation from time to time. This way, we can assess areas we need to work on.

Here are seven traits that can make you a good friend and an even better girlfriend.

1. Listen and Don't Dominate Conversations

If you're a chatter box who loves talking about herself, you might unknowingly dominate conversations with your friends and boyfriend. Your stories might be entertaining and funny, but part of being a good friend is also being a good listener. Not that you can never talk about yourself, but you should also take a sincere interest in your friend and partner.

Make Sure You Always Have Your Friend's Back
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