9 Top American TV Duos of All Time ...

With these American TV duos supplying the audience with the greatest form of entertainment, growing up as a TV junkie certainly had its perks. Each show that I devoted my time to featured characters that either brought me to tears from laughing too hard or kept me hanging off the edge of my seat in suspense. The point is that there has always been two people who enhanced the plot of their respective programs through their sheer actions (or acting) and determination alone. This list of American TV duos is sure to contain a group of characters that also helped shape your own childhood.

1. Will Smith and Carlton Banks

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Because of their amazing chemistry both on-screen and off-screen, these two cousins are one of my favorite American TV duos. Played by Will Smith and Alfonso Ribeiro, respectively, there has not been one episode of "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" that has failed to make me burst out in uproarious laughter. Watching the moments where they set aside their differences, thus strengthening their familial bond, was incredibly heart-lifting.

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