7 Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills with New People You Encounter ...


It is always good to try to improve your communication skills with new people you encounter. A fringe benefit is that any effort you put into communication skills with new people will benefit you in every relationship. Communication skills are important across the board. But you only get one chance to make a first impression so use these tips to improve your communication skills.

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Your smile is one of the easiest and quickest things you can do to improve your communication skills. Your smile makes you look approachable. It tells people you are friendly, kind and interested in getting to know them better. Try to always smile at new people you encounter. It will be something that they remember about you.


Put down Your Phone

Nothing says rudeness and disinterest like being on your phone when you encounter new people. Sometimes we do have to be on our phone. We may have business we have to deal with or a family emergency. But if it is not a situation like that, try to avoid being on your phone when you are meeting and encountering new people. Additionally, it is a good idea to not even look toward your phone during a conversation with a person or they will feel like you would rather be on your phone than talking to them.


Ask Questions

Asking questions does several things for you in the field of communication. It helps the other person to know you are interested and listening. It tells them that you care about what they are saying. It also keeps the conversation flowing. All of these are pretty good reasons to ask questions when you are communicating with new people.


Get Their Name and Remember It

When you meet someone new, they will most likely give you their name and you will give them yours. That is all well and good. The problem comes in if you can’t remember their name later. I do understand that names are difficult to remember and struggle with that too, sometimes. If I find I can’t easily remember a person’s name, I use a little memory trick to help it stick in my mind.


Stay Tuned in

People can sense when you tune out of a conversation. Haven’t you been talking to someone on occasion and you can tell that their mind is a hundred miles away from you? You know they are not really listening. It is hard to even go on talking to them when you know this is the case. Don’t do this to people you are communicating with. Make sure to keep your mind on the conversation.



It is a good idea to clarify anything that you do not understand that the other person says. This can save you a lot of trouble later, especially if this is someone you are going to be dealing with or that may be important in your life. Clarify anything you feel confused about. Not only will this set your mind at ease but it lets the other person know that you are trying to get it right. This can earn you big brownie points.


Be Understanding

You want to be sure that you are understanding when others talk to you. People like to know that others understand where they are coming from. Sympathizing with someone endears you to their heart. They appreciate you and your compassion. Always try to see where someone else is coming from.

These are 7 things you can do to help you have better communication with new people. What are your tips on this subject? I would love to hear from you!

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How are you supposed to do all this if you are super shy?

Call your new acquaintance by her/his nickname. That's one way of feeling at ease with each other.

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