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Friends often ask me for tips on how to stop missing deadlines, and I typically say that the key really is about taking responsibility. I don't like people who miss deadlines even when they were given a considerable amount of time to turn in whatever report or document or task at a set schedule. So here are seven tips on how to stop missing deadlines and here's hoping that serial deadline missers will learn a thing or two from this list:

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Don't do All Things at Once

Because trust me, you won't learn how to stop missing deadlines if you do all things within one day. In other words, don't cram everything. It's a self-destructive habit and all you will produce is a mediocre output. Who wants to turn in half-baked, half-hearted, half-done jobs? You know that you can do better so start making changes now. And again, stop cramming!


Make Procrastination Your Worst Enemy

Do it! Just do it! Stop saying, "I will do it tomorrow" or "In five minutes, I will work on it." The temptation to delay or put off doing things is strong, especially those that require immediate attention, but you have to battle against that and be stronger than the temptation. Make procrastination your worst enemy and you will be able to get things done.


Make It a Daily Habit to Accomplish at Least One Major Task

In number one, I shared that it's not healthy to do all things at once. So how do I get my all my assignments done? I have always believed in making it a daily habit to accomplish at least one major task. That's what I do in my writing assignments. If I need to submit seven articles a week, I write and submit one article every day, starting Thursday before the Wednesday deadline the following week.


Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus your attention on accomplishing the task and do not think of anything else. When you are due to submit a project the following day, do it and be done with it. Stop chatting with your friend, please. Prioritize! Focus on the job that needs to be done. Doing that helps you get the job done...faster!


Maintain a to-do List

It's effective for me because it reminds me of the things I need to finish. I always feel great every time I strike out a task on my to-do list.


Push Yourself

You are your worst enemy. Unless you take the responsibility to submit all things on time, you won't go anywhere. Push yourself to be a better version of your previous self. Do not settle for mediocrity. You know you can do more if you just focus and stop doing unnecessary activities.


Take Quick Breaks on a Daily Basis

It's not healthy to be always on the run either. Your body will tell you when you need the break. Do not lump your breaks by working too much on weekdays and telling yourself that you will do all the resting over the weekend. I love short daily breaks: a 15-minute power nap, a glass of hot chocolate at 3:00 p.m. on a cold afternoon, a quick browse on Facebook to check out what my friends are up to. Remember: quick breaks on a daily basis.

Any more tips to stop missing deadlines?

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