This is How to Get a Better Work Life Balance ...


This is How to Get a Better Work Life Balance ...
This is How to Get a Better Work Life Balance ...

Despite advances in technology supposedly making life easier, we work harder and longer than ever. Shift work and weekend work also add to the inequality of demands on our time. Many of us consequently suffer from a poor work life balance, with work taking the lion’s share. If you’re happy working every hour God sends, good for you. If not, here’s how to get a better work life balance:

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Stay Away from Emails

Stay Away from Emails You can achieve a better work life balance by making the conscious effort to stay away from your emails outside of work hours. Two or three messages from colleagues or clients can suck you straight back in to work mode for an entire evening. Give yourself the evening off and get back to them first thing in the morning.


Learn to Say No

Learn to Say No There are so many workers out there who are afraid of saying no to their bosses because they think it will reflect badly on them. You need to set your professional boundaries early on so that those above you know not to ask too much. There is a fine line between working hard and being taken advantage of, and you should never be afraid to stand up for yourself and turn down a task out of hours.


Work Smarter

Work Smarter Getting all your work done does not mean having to go that extra mile when the office has shut. It is all about making the hours that you are working more proactive and effective. Sit down and have a think about how you can make your working day more productive, whether that means moving your lunch hour or discussing some changes with your boss.


Leave Work at Work

Leave Work at Work This is probably the most important point of all. It is absolutely integral that you do not let the stresses of your professional life impinge upon your personal life. Being able to have time off each day when you don’t think about your job will allow you to return to the office each morning with a refreshed mind and refreshed attitude.


Don’t Get Caught up with Perfection

Don’t Get Caught up with Perfection Not everything you can do every day can be perfect, and something not being perfect definitely does not mean that you haven’t tried your hardest. Getting too caught up in making everything perfect can make your working day more of a task than a pleasure, so accept that doing your very best is all that your employer can hope for.


Don’t Be a Martyr

Don’t Be a Martyr Don’t let complaining and over working become part of your personality. We have all, at one time or another, worked with somebody who likes to be an office martyr, somebody who stays later than everybody else but makes it known how much they dislike it. If you dislike it that much, then it’s quite simple - don’t do it!


Learn to Enjoy Silence

Some people become workaholics because they cannot bear to be sat still at home doing nothing. Being driven is great, but there comes a point when your inability to give your personal life some breathing space can become detrimental to your work like balance. If you hate to be bored, then there are other alternatives that are not associated with your profession. Joining some kind of club, for example, allows you to still be active but not involved with your working situation out of hours.

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Yeah I am a big fan of working smarter :-)

A lot more people should take this more seriously.

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