Things You Need to Put on Your "Not-do" List ...


Things You Need to Put on Your "Not-do" List ...
Things You Need to Put on Your "Not-do" List ...

There are some things to put on your "not-do" list that you might not be aware of. I’m sure every single person reading this has created more than their fair share of to-do lists over the years. They can be a really helpful tool for motivation and inspiration when you are trying to achieve a certain number of tasks in a short amount of time. However, have you ever heard of writing a list filled with reminders of things that you shouldn’t be doing rather than what you should? Not-do lists are becoming more and more popular as a great force of willpower for many women out there, a reminder to stay strong and not fall back into old habits. Here are few examples of common things to put on your "not-do" list – things you need to stop doing.

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Social Obligations

Social obligations are definitely one of the things to put on your "not-do" list. You need to stop being a yes woman when it comes to accepting unwanted social invitations. Whenever you receive an invite to something, ask yourself the question, "do I really want to go this?" Is it going to bring value and enjoyment to your life? Or are you simply falling in line with the status quo despite your desire not to go? If you don’t want to do it, then take these events off of your calendar, it’s a simple as that! You shouldn’t feel obligated to attend anything.


Work Obligations

For some reason, there is a general feeling in the workplace that you can only be deemed good at your job if you go above and beyond the call of duty. This is garbage. If you have a boss who does not respect your off hours, then you need to make the effort to stick to your guns and not give in to the pressures of overstretching yourself in order to impress or stay in someone’s good books. Commit to only doing one or two extra tasks a week, rather than the usual five or six. You can still be respected at work if you are efficient, productive and meet deadlines and targets without trying to do everything.


Personal Obligations

Do you absolutely hate doing some or all of those pesky household chores, like gardening and laundry? Are you in a position to be able to hire someone to do those things for you? If so, then go for it! Life is too short to be engaging in mundane tasks that you could be having completed by somebody else for a fair exchange. Don’t burn yourself out doing those things when you could be enjoying more fulfilling experiences elsewhere! If you can’t afford it, stop doing those things you know cause you more hassle. Stop putting things off and work smarter. Stop clearing up after your roommate because it’s easier than to get her to do it.

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