7 Things You Should Learn from Optimists ...


There are plenty of things to learn from optimists. I mean, who doesn’t want to see life through a “half full” viewpoint?! But while we could probably all identify with a few things that optimists do really well, we certainly don’t all take the time to assess the best things to learn from optimists. So get ready – reading and acknowledging these could change your outlook on life!

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Don’t Hold Grudges…

This is one of the most obvious things to learn from optimists, but it’s not one that we do well. Forgiving and forgetting is hard, and we often feel like it isn’t possible. Being able to let go is vital for your happiness, though. Holding a grudge means that you are literally holding on to those feelings of hurt, resentment and anger, and those feelings just aren’t conducive with happiness. For your own benefit, forgive and forget, so that you can let go of those negative feelings and refill with positivity.


Be Kind…

This might feel false to start with, because it won’t come naturally. Tomorrow, see what you can do to go out of your way to be kind to someone. It doesn’t need to be a big gesture. Hold the door for a few people more than you usually would, or buy coffee for the person behind you in the morning. When you’re kind, your brain produces more serotonin, and you fill up with happiness. Give it a go, and you’ll soon do it naturally.


Eliminate Problems…

From this day on, you will no longer see anything as a problem, and nothing at all is impossible. Instead, view anything that you would previously have identified as a problem as a new challenge. Work out the best way to overcome it, and be proud of yourself when you do. Eliminate the word ‘problem’ altogether, forever more.


Be Grateful…

This is another one that can feel easier said than done, and requires some practice. Right now, think of three things that you are grateful for. They can be anything, however big or small. Tomorrow, add three more things to that list. Then keep going. Write down what you are grateful for every single day. Soon you’ll feel a mood boost, as well as a more positive attitude. It’s even been linked with physical health benefits.


Have a Dream…

And I don’t mean something small. Dream big, and make steps to accomplish that goal. It’ll make you feel like you are on your way, and end any feelings associated with just rambling through life. Dreaming big opens your mind to an optimistic, positive state, where you can achieve anything. Give it a go – it really works.


Take a Deep Breath…

And ask yourself if this will really matter in a year’s time. Will you care that you got splashed on the way to work? Will this argument mean anything? If not, then calm down and don’t sweat it. If it will, take steps to resolve the problem, so that in a year you’d be looking back and being glad that you changed things. Either way, take a positive and proactive approach.


Talk Positive…

One of the key things to learn from optimists is that what you say really matters. Avoid the urge to gossip about people, and don’t get drawn into negative conversations. They flood your body with negative feelings, and make you seem bitter. Instead, make an effort to only speak positive words, and foster a more positive mind frame. Avoid excuses, too. Soon it’ll become natural, and people will respond to you a lot better.

There are plenty of others things to learn from optimists, too. How to stay cool in a crisis, for example, or how to live entirely in the present. These 7 steps are easy and anyone can do them, though, which makes them a great starting point. Give them a go today, and you’ll soon feel the difference. How do you stay optimistic?

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