10 Things You Should Know How to do ...


There are some things that require years of experience or formal education, but there are other things you should know how to do whether youโ€™ve had years of university training or youโ€™ve never stepped foot on a college campus in your life! In order to be productive and independent, there are some skills you should have. Keep reading, because below are 10 things you should know how to do and reasons why you should learn them!

1. Build a Fire

If you donโ€™t camp out and youโ€™re not planning to get cast in the 27th season of Survivor, you may wonder why building a fire is listed as one of the things you should know how to do. Well it may not be any time soon, but you may end up in a situation where you need fire! Being able to build a fire and keep it going can be the difference between life and death! Fire provides heat, light, and comfort. It can be used as a signal for help, cooking food or boiling water! If you donโ€™t already know how, learn to build a fire!

Use a Search Engine Effectively
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