7 Things You Should Avoid Saying if You Want to Be Happier ...


There are things you should avoid saying, even if you don’t think that they’re harming you. Words are powerful, and can change the way you think about the world. You don’t want your pessimism to alter your attitude. In order to keep positive, there are things you should avoid saying.

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I’m Bored

If you’re bored in class, be thankful that you’re not swamped with work. If you’re bored at home, be happy that you don’t have a long list of chores to complete. You have to twist around the way you look at situations in order to make them bearable. One of the things you should avoid saying is that you have nothing to do. Sure, boredom isn’t fun, but it beats potential alternatives.


I Hate You

Tear the word ‘hate’ out of your vocabulary. You don’t want to use it to describe a nasty teacher or your horrible boss. If you’re annoyed with someone, you can articulate your feelings in another way. Just like ‘love’ is thrown around without meaning it, ‘hate’ is overused. How many things that you complain about do you really, truly hate?


I Want to Die

Never say that you want to kill yourself, even if you’re joking. It’s not a subject to take lightly, so you shouldn’t say it casually. If you actually mean it when you say it, call a hotline or a friend for help. You might be having a rough week, but that doesn’t mean that you should end your life. Suicide is never a solution.


I Can’t do It

If you tell yourself that you can’t do something, the chances of you doing it lower. You can’t go into a situation with a negative state of mind. You have to be confident in your abilities, and believe that you’re able to handle whatever life throws at you. Optimism works wonders. Try to go a full day without being negative, and see how much better you feel.


Life is Pointless

All life has meaning. Whether your destiny is to cure cancer or raise a child, you’re alive for a reason. You’re going to accomplish great things. You have to believe that you’ll be successful, or your drive will diminish. If you still feel like your existence is meaningless, remember that there are people who love you, and that you mean something to them.


I’m Ugly

Everyone’s opinion on what is beautiful is different. What you find unattractive, another person will find gorgeous. Just because you’re uncomfortable with the way you look doesn’t mean that anyone else is. Stop worrying about what you look like, and focus on living your life. Your personality will get you further than looks, anyway.


I Don’t Need Anyone

Some people refuse to accept help. Even if it’s impossible for them to complete a task without assistance, they insist on working alone. You have to realize that you need other people in order to survive. One person can’t do everything on her own. You have to come to terms with the fact that other people aren’t always out to hurt you. Sometimes, they can actually help.

Swap your negative thoughts for positive ones, and your days will feel a lot brighter. Do you find yourself saying any of these statements? Which one are you guilty of saying most often?

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