7 Things to Stop Doing Right Now ...


There are a few things we’re all guilty of that, things to stop doing right now. Life is far too short and unpredictable to waste time on negative thoughts and behaviors and defeatist attitudes. I’m almost 2 months late to call these New Year’s resolutions, but here are 7 things to stop doing right now.

1. Stop Running from Your Problems

Let’s face it – life is full of problems and obstacles. The thing is, problems are there to be overcome; face your problems instead of running from them and you’ll see yourself eventually triumph over your adversities. No one said life would be easy – you will fall but you will get up again, and when you do, you will be stronger, more self-assured and more capable. And you will be more compassionate because you will be able to help someone else. For the sake of those whom you may one day help, this is definitely one of the things to stop doing!

Stop Trying to Be Someone You’re Not
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