7 Things to Say in Awkward Silences ...


Don't we all fear those moments of anxiety of not knowing the things to say in awkward silences? It's literally the most uncomfortable interpersonal social setting I can imagine, especially when it's with someone you don't know very well! Some people are just gifted in being able to engage others so well that's there's almost zero chance of awkwardness and I envy them! Luckily there are some tools you can keep up your sleeve when you're stuck on what things to say in awkward silences and ways to avoid them altogether. Let's hope those situations are few and far between!

1. Ask Questions

I've found that when you're stuck on the things to say in awkward silences, it's best to simply just ask questions! Keep the ball rolling by playing off their answers and finding more questions from what they say. It's not only an activity that engages them and shows your interest, but it will fill any silent gaps that could arise, without being awkward.

Listen Intently to What They Have to Say
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