7 Essentials of Happiness We Forget as We Age ...


7 Essentials of Happiness We Forget as We Age ...
7 Essentials of Happiness We Forget as We Age ...

When we’re kids, everything is easier, because we know the most important things about happiness. As we age, we forget these things, because we’re bogged down with school and work. We focus on the things we have to do, and don’t dedicate enough time to the things we enjoy doing. If you want to live a better life, try to remember these important things about happiness that we all knew as children:

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Money Isn’t Everything

Yes, money can get you a new car and can stop you from living out in the cold. Receiving paychecks is certainly important, but they aren’t everything. What gives you more joy: buying new clothes or staying up with your friends, laughing the night away? The most fun parts of life occur when you’re around your best pals. One of the important things about happiness that we should all remember is that your friends are the key to being cheerful.


Fun is on the to-do List

When we’re kids, we dedicate time to purely having fun. Even at school, the place where we’re supposed to learn, we were rewarded with recess. Now that you’re older, you have to put work before play. But that doesn’t mean that you should look down upon leisure time. There’s nothing wrong with rearranging your schedule so that you have time to relax with your friends or catch up on Orange is the New Black.


Honesty is Best

Kids tell is like it is. As we’re older, we avoid the truth in order to avoid hurting feelings or getting in trouble. While you shouldn’t deliberately say something rude to a friend, you should strive to be honest with them. It really is the best policy.


Snacking is Fun

When you were a kid, you wished that you could eat candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now that you’re allowed to make your own meals, you may still have that candy craving, but know that it’s unhealthy. Even though you shouldn’t replace your dinner with chocolate, you should allow yourself to snack away. After a rough day, a little dessert can keep you sane.


You Don’t Need Boys

Relationships are wonderful, but don’t fret if you’re single. Remember that you didn’t need a boy around when you were a kid, and you don’t need one now. You’re an independent woman who is capable of taking care of herself. If you’ve already found the one, congratulations! If you’re still on the lookout, don’t stress over it.


Animals Rock

Did you beg your parents for a puppy? Everyone wants an animal friend to play with, no matter how old they are. If you have the space and time to take care of a pet, go get one! He (or she) will make you happy, and vice versa! It’s an easy solution to the blues.


Your Imagination Saves You

You used to play with finger paints and hide in boxes. It would be a bit weird to do that now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel your creativity. Write a story, draw a picture, or sing a song. Unleashing your creative side is a great way to release your emotions and calm yourself down after a stressful day. Give it a try!

At its core, happiness is about doing what you love. What activity always makes you smile as a child?

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what I like the most is #5 makes perfect sense ;)

My imagination really does save me having a creative side is something i'll never take for granted!

Loved your article

Great article! It's refreshing to know :)

This is perf❤️

True, my imagination has saved me many times! It keeps me happy and creative

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