7 Things to do While the Kettle Boils ...

Things to do while the kettle boils fill those few minutes that would otherwise be wasted. When you’re under time pressure, every second matters and while everyone shouts “learn to multi-task,” this isn’t always the most productive way to maximize your time. Waiting for water to boil, however, is a perfect opportunity to get something done. Instead of hanging around the kitchen waiting for the steam to appear, there are things to do while the kettle boils.

1. Get a Mini Workout in

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How long does your kettle take to boil? 2-4 minutes? Maybe even 5? (If you use a stove top kettle, make it last 5!) However long it takes, grabbing a free minute of exercise is one of the most beneficial things to do while the kettle boils. Whether it’s bicep curls, squats, jumping jacks or some simple stretches, you’ll be improving your circulation, flexibility and fitness. You’ll feel even better if you’ve got up from the couch to put the kettle on during the commercial breaks in your favorite show. Not sure what you can do in a few minutes? Check out this video:

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