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Things to do while the kettle boils fill those few minutes that would otherwise be wasted. When you’re under time pressure, every second matters and while everyone shouts “learn to multi-task,” this isn’t always the most productive way to maximize your time. Waiting for water to boil, however, is a perfect opportunity to get something done. Instead of hanging around the kitchen waiting for the steam to appear, there are things to do while the kettle boils.

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Get a Mini Workout in

How long does your kettle take to boil? 2-4 minutes? Maybe even 5? (If you use a stove top kettle, make it last 5!) However long it takes, grabbing a free minute of exercise is one of the most beneficial things to do while the kettle boils. Whether it’s bicep curls, squats, jumping jacks or some simple stretches, you’ll be improving your circulation, flexibility and fitness. You’ll feel even better if you’ve got up from the couch to put the kettle on during the commercial breaks in your favorite show. Not sure what you can do in a few minutes? Check out this video:


Tidy up

You’d be surprised how much you can achieve in a few minutes. We’re not talking deep clean here. Take the few minutes while the kettle boils to tidy the utensil/kitchen drawer, take out the trash, put the washed up dishes on the rack where they’re meant to be, wipe down a surface or two. Housework is easier of you keep on top of it.


Get Educated or Be Inspired

What’s a way to get educated and entertained in three minutes? A TED talk. If you’re already familiar with these, you know that these inspirational and interesting presentations

can last anything from a minute to a couple of hours. Don’t think you can spend the whole time the kettle boils actually looking for a talk to watch. Here’s a handy list of 3 minute TED Talks: ted.com.


Make a Phone Call

When was the last time you had a phone conversation? A proper voice to voice conversation? Not a back and forth text convo or a Whatsapp conflab. Pick up the phone and hear the voice of someone you love. Call your mum for a quick catch up to let her know you love her or surprise a friend by letting them know you’re thinking of them.


Write Your Grocery List

You always have the good intention of writing a grocery list but somehow you end up wandering the aisles not knowing what you need, filling your cart with seven kinds of crap. In the 3 minutes while the kettle boils you can do a quick reccie on the pantry and fridge and make a note of what you need on your next trip to the store.


Write a Thank You Note

There is such a feel good factor to this – for you and the recipient – yet how often is it just an intention? It doesn’t have to be a specific occasion, like sending thank yous for gifts. Think about those people that support you, help you or have done you favors. Don’t just thank them at the time they did the deed. Resolve to send more thank yous and do it while the kettle boils.


Maximize Your Apps/smartphone

Hands up if the first thing you do while waiting for the kettle is to lean against the kitchen counter and start fiddling with your phone. Instead of random browsing or mindless texting, make it productive. That new time management app you downloaded – have you set it up yet? Have you made reservations at that new restaurant or are you waiting to read some online reviews? Check them out. That news story you spotted that has to do with your career and you made a mental note to read later? Read it now. Heck, even looking at inspirational quotes is better than random browsing or texting.

I’m sure if you put your mind to it, there are lots of things you can do while the kettle boils. Just don’t get so addicted to your ultra-productive 3 minutes of boiling time that you end up drinking 10-12 cups of tea/coffee a day! What are you going to do the next time you switch the kettle on?

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play a game on your phone, throw a bone for the dog...if you have one :)

I do my balancing excerises as the counter top is right height for putting my hands on in case I fall. I also empty or fill the dishwasher.

Great ideas !!!!!! Thank you !

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