7 Things to do when You're Single and Lonely ...


7 Things to do when You're Single and Lonely ...
7 Things to do when You're Single and Lonely ...

For some people, being single isn’t something that bothers them at all, but for others, it can be a really tough time because you are the kind of individual who craves companionship and the feeling of being partnered with somebody. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that that feeling of loneliness is going to completely disappear, or that you should just be able to switch it off like a light, but there definitely are things that you can do to ease your feelings. Here are seven things to do when you’re single and lonely.

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Social Media

Some people see social media as a negative force in life, but if you are single and looking for ways to interact with others, then being active on things like Twitter and Facebook is a great way to make online acquaintances whilst you aren’t experiencing many real-life ones. Search through hashtags and join groups that are related to interests that you have to talk with like-minded people.


Treat Yourself

You should never see treating yourself or pampering yourself as something that you don’t deserve because you ‘aren’t doing it for anybody’. The person that you are doing it for is yourself, when you learn to love your own company, you will be much more open to trying different things solo.



Take your single time as an opportunity to travel on a budget. When there is only one person to think about, you can make all the decisions about where you go and not have to compromise about what you want your priorities to be. The world is literally your oyster!


Open up

Something that will make you feel better about your situation is if you open up about it to someone who is willing to listen. Don’t keep all your feelings inside because they will nearly always bubble up into a destructive force. Don’t feel bad about sharing your feelings of singledom.



Don’t underestimate the transformative mood powers that a good walk and good playlist can have. Getting out of the house and being active will provide you with those much-needed endorphins, and it’s no secret that music you love can make you feel better and changed in an instant.



Make the most of your ‘me time’ by joining up to a class the is dedicated to one of your hobbies. It could be painting, pottery, a book club or even a movie appreciation club, anything that you find most interesting! IT will make you feel better and also give you the opportunity to meet people who share your interests.


New Perspective

What you also need to remember is that people in relationships can sometimes feel as lonely as you do right now being single. The feeling of loneliness and unhappiness doesn’t always have to correlate to your romantic status. Do you think your feelings might be related to a wider problem in your life? If so, it might help to seek some professional help to unwind your issues.

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my bf just broke with me yesterday and i’m going through a really hard time and you helped me a lot thank you so much ❤️

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