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7 Things to do to Get Yourself Ready for Spring ...

By Diana

Most of us have been able to enjoy those first bits of sunshine and warmer temperatures by now, so it’s time to get yourself ready for spring. Winter has been harsh on all of us and some of you have spent days, if not weeks, hibernating while winter storms made it impossible to get outside. While one of the worst winters ever has left us pale, depressed and cold, better times are on the way. Spring has arrived, throw those doors and windows open and let some new energy in. Here are 7 things to do to get yourself ready for spring.

1 Show Your Home Some Love

Spring is the perfect time for a big cleanup and it’s a great way to get yourself ready for spring. Do a big cleanup before showing your home some love with a few new decorations. It will give your home a new and fresh look. If you have one, also clean up the patio or garden and get it spring-ready by putting down some new plants, flowers or outdoor furniture. Of course, you can also buy some new indoor plants to get the oxygen flowing. All the colors will give you the ultimate spring feeling.

2 Go Shopping

Yes, those spring and summer collections are in store now and they are waiting for you. Spring is a great time to go shopping. While the new collection will get you ready for the upcoming season, you may also find some nice winter pieces that are offered at a reduced price. These will come in handy on chilly nights or you could keep them for next winter. When you go shopping, it’s important to look at what you have in your closet first. You may have forgotten all about that asymmetric skirt, so before you buy another one, ask yourself if you really need it.


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3 Get in Shape

I always notice how busy it gets in the gym when spring hits. But who is to blame? With those new spring outfits hanging in your closet, you want to look your very best. Start picking up your workout routine again, or better, get a new workout routine for that little extra motivation. Many gyms also offer new classes during spring time, which is also a great way to incorporate some extra exercise, and for those who can afford it; a personal trainer can help you accomplish your goals in no time. Another great way to get in shape, is to simply go outside for a walk in a park or to go for a bike ride.

4 Go to a Spa

The cold weather, the lack of sunshine and the heater that has been burning in our home has left your skin looking pale and dull. A treatment at a spa can do miracles for not only your skin, but also your mind. Let’s be honest: is there anything better than being pampered and leaving the spa with a healthy glow? If you really want to splurge, you can go all the way and get yourself a relaxing massage as well. A pedicure and a haircut are the final things to get done to get ready for spring. All of these treatments may cost you, but the results will be stunning.

5 Binge on Fruits and Vegetables

In general, spring is a time of year when people start taking good care of their body again. After the holidays and cold weather,days filled with heavy, fatty foods to bring us comfort, it is now the time to binge on fruits and vegetables. It’s actually a no-brainer, especially when you start to get in shape again and when you detoxify your skin. Instead of going for your usual recipes, look up some new recipes with fresh produce that you usually don’t eat often. Trying out new healthy recipes is a great way to try out new foods and to keep your diet full of variety.

6 Bake a Cake

This is a bit of a contradiction with getting yourself in shape, but I strongly believe that cutting out treats or being on a strict diet doesn’t work. So in between the exercising and healthy eating, don’t be too strict and allow yourself a treat every now and then. Baking a cake is a lot of fun and because you can substitute ingredients, you are still able to bake a healthy cake. Use fruit, honey instead of sugar, almond flour instead of white flour and your treat isn’t too bad at all. Baking a cake is also a great activity to do with a friend, your mother or even your lover, if he’s into baking.

7 Clean up Your Wardrobe

We tend to think that quantity equals quality, but this is certainly not the case, especially when it comes to your wardrobe. Yes, many of you dream of a walk-in closet, stuffed with shoes, clothes, bags and accessories, but I like to get rid of some pieces every now and then. Go through your wardrobe and donate everything that you haven’t worn over the past year. Also, place your winter clothing, like your heavy knits, boots and puffy jackets in storage, for example in a suitcase. Not only will your wardrobe look much better organized, but it’s also good for delicate fabrics to have some space in your wardrobe. For your winter clothes, make sure you clean them before you put them away and fold them up nicely.

Getting ready for spring is one of the most fun things of the year and this year it’s even more fun, because of the cruel winter weather that so many of us have experienced. So get moving, eat healthy, have a little fun and start showing your surroundings some love again. Do you have any rituals when it comes to getting yourself ready for spring? And what do you feel when you first feel those warm sunbeams on your skin?

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