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7 Things to Appreciate about Your Body Right Now ...

By Heather

Believe it or not, there are more things to appreciate about your body than what size jeans you wear, what men may think of your body, or how your body compares to the latest fashion model’s body. I’m here to tell you something, ladies: your body is one amazing piece of work for more reasons than you could imagine. Overcoming negative body image after having low self esteem my entire life, I have finally learned just what it feels like to be thankful for my body instead of cursing it mad every single day for years on end. Gaining body confidence is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, along with finally managing a healthy relationship with food, weight and health. Think about these things to appreciate about your body and consider these things whenever you need a little self love!

1 It is Ever Changing

One of the coolest things to appreciate about your body is that it is always changing based on the needs it has at the moment in your life and hormonal cycle. It knows what you need, even when you don’t. For example, our body changes through our menstrual cycle to prepare our bodies for pregnancy years down the road, and then after the years that pregnancy becomes optimal, our bodies know to stop producing eggs and enter menopause. Take a second to think about that. It is amazing! Knowing your body is like an every changing evolution to produce another life is an incredible miracle! Even though children aren’t in my future, I still appreciate being a woman for this unique characteristic that only a woman's body has.

2 It Adjusts as Needed

Another reason I’ve learned to love my body is it always adjusts itself based on the needs I have each day. For example, on days I’m extremely active, my body provides me with energy to get me through the day if I feed it well and give it rest. Or, on days that I need to rest, my body sends me signals, telling me to do so. It will adjust based on the needs you have, and if you honor it by listening to it, it can give you a perfect balance of harmony. Don’t ignore the signs when it tells you to rest some days and be more active on others. It is adjusting itself based on what you need. Listen to it and serve it well.


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3 It Sends You Messages

Many of us don’t realize that our bodies are wonderful messengers. Many times, we silence them by thinking we know what is best for them, however if we listen to even the faintest whisper of what they tell us, they can be powerful messengers for what we truly need. Many medical issues such as thyroid and gastrointestinal disorders or problems such as food allergies and food sensitivities can all be seen and heard through the messages our body sends us. We shouldn’t ignore the signs it gives us, but instead, when something feels wrong, we should listen. Our body is trying to tell us something and when we listen, we can give ourselves exactly what we need.

4 It is Made to Prevent Famine

Did you know that your body stores weight to prevent you from famine? Women’s bodies naturally store fat in certain areas to prevent it from famine. I know most of us might hate this “gift”, but truly, it is a blessing considering that this protection mechanism is instilled within our bodies to protect us in times of need. The best way to combat your body from storing too much extra weight is to let it know it isn’t starving or in a time of famine, by feeding it clean, healthy foods on a regular basis.

5 It Takes Care of the Small Stuff

Your body does things every single day that you don’t even realize. Consider this: your skin replaces itself once a month, your stomach lining every five days, your liver every six weeks, and your skeleton every three months. Your body is extraordinary and you don’t even realize it! Remembering these things when you’re not happy with yourself for whatever reason can help you see that your body is doing everything it is supposed to. Honor it and respect it.

6 It Likes to Be Active

Did you know that your body is made to move more than most of us think? Love your body because it is made to be active so that you can do things in this world, go places, strengthen yourself and be involved in the world around you.

7 It is Shapely

Yes, you should love your body because it is shapely! It makes wearing clothes so much more attractive and fun. I’ve been straight as a stick before and my clothes have never looked so terrible on me in my life! Honor the shapely body you have. Your hips, thighs, booty and even your tummy are made to have their own unique shape. This gives you a fabulous body trait that men don’t have, so appreciate it and flaunt it in all its glory!

Now, I want to hear some body love from you! What is your favorite thing about your body? Let’s hear it, ladies!

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