Wonderful 😊 Things in Nature 🌲 to Make You ☝️ Feel Better 😁 ...


There are lots of things in nature that make you feel better. Having a tough day? Week? Year? I understand. Sometimes things can be so overwhelming. But there are so many little things that can make you smile, even a little bit.

The butterfly is a beautiful metaphor for life.

Trees are a reminder of invisible works.

And, the weather is a reminder that life has its ups and downs but there’s always a sun behind the clouds. Here are some great things in nature that make you feel better.

1. Butterfly

There are so many little things in nature that can make a moment brighter and a butterfly is one of the best things in nature that make you feel better.

I think about how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. But more than that, how it needs to go into a cocoon before it reaches its final form. Just like us. We don’t start out great. In fact, a lot of people don’t like the first quarter of their life. People didn’t like high school or having to be in school at all. Some people didn’t fit in. Some people had a hard home life. Others couldn’t find themselves or learn to love themselves.

I think of all that time in school as being a caterpillar.

Then there’s the cocoon. Now, the cocoon isn’t really any better than being a caterpillar. It’s dark. There’s not a lot of space. Just like the time after you finish school. You have a general direction but you don’t really know where to go.

No one talks about the life crisis a lot of people have after college or when they leave home. I know so many people struggling to find themselves now that don’t have any instructions.

But one day, you will be a butterfly. I don’t know when it starts. I think it’s different for everyone. But, it will happen. Then you will be free and you can fly.

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