Terribly Wrong Assumptions People Make about Independent Women ...


Terribly Wrong Assumptions People Make about Independent Women ...
Terribly Wrong Assumptions People Make about Independent Women ...

Independent women have so many silly assumptions made about them. There are all these preconceived notions that are so wrong, they're laughable. I don't know if people are threatened by independent women, intimidated by them, or jealous of them. I don't know if they just don't like anything that challenges their opinions of what a woman should be or what, but if you're a woman and you can happily and successfully take care of yourself, people can get downright nasty. Even when they're not being mean, exactly, plenty of their assumptions are nasty, too. Here are some of the biggest misconceptions about independent women. See if any of them seem familiar to you, and be sure to chime in with your experiences, too!

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Independent Women Aren't Interested in Having a Relationship – Ever

person, singer, singing, Ever, ever, ever, no exceptions, if you're independent then some people assume you never want to be with anybody.


But It's Also Impossible for You to Be Single and Happy – You're Totally Faking It

person, singer, singing, CAN, WHATEVERI, There's no way you're actually happy about being single, either – that's impossible!


Somehow, Being Independent Means You Have Sex All the Time

person, anime, profession, mobile device, vehicle, That's basically all you ever do, right, like one of those highfalutin modern women?


Probably with Tons of Partners, so You're Promiscuous, Too

person, woman, facial expression, religion, emotion, Not only are you having lots of sex, but you're having lots of sex with random people – and a whole lot of folks actually assume that independent women are always after married men.


Or else You're a Frigid Old Spinster

person, blond, woman, singing, singer, Okay, I don't even understand people at all anymore.


And You're Absolutely Destined to Be a Cat Lady

person, facial expression, emotion, profession, Like, Well, of course – if you're a woman who can stand on her own two feet, obviously no one but your cats will ever love you, and also you're clearly a witch who needs her feline familiars with her at all times.


You're Not Really Independent – Somebody's Paying Your Bills

person, singing, music, singer, It's, Everybody secretly thinks it's your parents.


You Don't Care What Anybody Thinks about Anything

person, blond, profession, speech, singing, You know, if this is true, good for you because look at the assumptions you have to deal with when you care about what people think.


Also, Everybody Knows You Secretly Hate Men

person, hair, blond, woman, human action, That's why you say you don't need one, right?


You Probably Have Daddy Issues, Too

person, profession, RDASHIANS, ONLINE, COM, It couldn't possibly be that both your parents taught you that you're strong and capable.


If You're Independent, You're Totally a Bitch

Starz, hair, brown hair, I'm, not, No question, no room for discussion.


You're Also Oh, so Cold-hearted

hair, person, hairstyle, lip, you, Who even knows why anyone would think this?


Somebody Broke Your Heart, That's Why You're like This

film, It's possible, but if so, it's a coincidence – and even if it's not, isn't that a good reason to be independent?


You Look down on Everybody else

City, person, profession, Citytv, Seriously, where do people get these ideas?


The Odds Are High That You Can't Cook

Tears, Right, because you can't be independent and enjoy cooking or cleaning or anything like that. You can only be this one stereotype.


You Most Likely Despise Children

person, facial expression, emotion, the, paranoid, There is so much wrong with this assumption.


You're a Total Snob

person, NEWS, arms, are, fat,, And this one is honestly just sad.

Independent Stalkers, does anyone make any ridiculous assumptions about you? 'Fess up in the comments!

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Hahahahaha damn u people know me so well!

And sorry for rambling about myself. I get so proud of what I overcame.

You live for yourself first. If being independent is something that makes you, you then do what makes you happy. Those who don't support that aren't worth your precious time. You make you happy first.

Sweetheart, people will judge you just because you live outside of their expectations. For me, I will tell you to use this time to discover yourself. Start a business, learn something new, do somethong for your community, spearhead a meaningful campaign. Be your own queen and put your life in good perspective. By focusing on being the great person you are, you will quickly learn that judgmental people are not worth their salt at all. It will take your mind off stuff and get you to achieve great stuff. Remember that some girls like you made your décision but as a result of people saying stuff like you hear, they have made bad decisions like ending up pregnant or even doing drugs. It is crazy to listen to these stuff. Concentrate on being great and do not ever fit in. You were made to stand out.

Lol kidding

Omg n I’m scared of cats. Lol

I am 15 and I am independent, as a result everyone, including my family, are convinced that when I say I don't want to be in a relationship right now that I'm a lesbian. Now I have no problem with lesbians, but the fact is; I'm not one. And I'm sick of people making assumptions in me based on my capabilities and gender!!! Do you have any tips for me on how to get by without being judged so much?

Don't let haters get to you! Let them make their assumptions, it doesn't have to bother you, their judgment is their business. It's not gonna change who you actually are 🙅🏻

Nothing but the close I was wearing you can and you will. Headstrong kid you got this.

As for the cutie above I been in your shoes. I survived a whole culture that had me arranged married at 16 ran away got my degrees and life on track. N as such I live alone n stay single by choice. My who life I did what my family n culture wanted, today

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