These Are the Perfect Comebacks to Backhanded Compliments ...

By Jennifer

These Are the Perfect Comebacks to Backhanded Compliments ...

She may be young in years, but 19-year-old Vanessa Papastavros already knows the agony of being "paid" a backhanded, sexist compliment. So she's drawn the perfect responses to the passive-aggressive body-shaming anti-compliments we've all heard — and they're awesome. Here's a sampling.

Table of contents:

  1. hair color
  2. "too tall"
  3. racism much?
  4. "still" single
  5. style sense
  6. no wife for you!
  7. i knew!
  8. make-up madness
  9. photo-ready
  10. what?!
  11. blond?
  12. butt out!
  13. a weighty issue
  14. i see
  15. courage?
  16. hair
  17. classy!
  18. sisters!
  19. lookin' good!
  20. a meal? what?
  21. stfu
  22. make-up?
  23. flattery
  24. i hate this one...
  25. boobs
  26. my face!
  27. asian...
  28. pretty face
  29. in case you didn't know...
  30. to all the haters
  31. works in every scenario, actually...
  32. actually... nope!
  33. you should!

1 Hair Color

Hair Color

2 "Too Tall"

"Too Tall"

3 Racism Much?

Racism Much?

4 "still" Single

"still" Single

5 Style Sense

Style Sense

6 No Wife for You!

No Wife for You!

7 I Knew!

I Knew!

8 Make-up Madness

Make-up Madness

9 Photo-Ready


10 What?!


11 Blond?


12 Butt out!

Butt out!

13 A Weighty Issue

A Weighty Issue

14 I See

I See

15 Courage?


16 Hair


17 Classy!


18 Sisters!


19 Lookin' Good!

Lookin' Good!

20 A Meal? What?

A Meal? What?



22 Make-up?


23 Flattery


24 I Hate This One...

I Hate This One...

25 Boobs


26 My Face!

My Face!

27 Asian...


28 Pretty Face

Pretty Face And a few extra bonus panels, just in case...

29 In Case You Didn't Know...

In Case You Didn't Know...

30 To All the Haters

To All the Haters

31 Works in Every Scenario, Actually...

Works in Every Scenario, Actually...

32 Actually... Nope!

Actually... Nope!

33 You Should!

You Should! To see more of Vanessa's amazingly fabulous work, follow her on Tumblr at Seriously. Do it now!

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