The Rules All Modern Day Princesses Follow ...


The Rules All Modern Day Princesses Follow ...
The Rules All Modern Day Princesses Follow ...

Many of us have grown up influenced by Disney princesses. For decades, they have been considered role models for young women. However, it seems that in the ever-changing world, and to keep up with contemporary expectations we women have for ourselves, Disney is shifting its thinking and are changing some of the founding principles of their princesses. Here are the updated Disney “Princess Principles”

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Princesses Care for Others

screenshot, games, 6.CV, If you are lucky enough to be in the position that you are able to care for others along with caring for yourself, then you should strive to make a positive impact on as many lives as you can. From taking the time to compliment to doing some charity work, every little helps.


Princesses Live Healthily

color, anime, screenshot, illustration, The one thing you might notice about all princesses is that they are super healthy! Live up to these princess standards by treating your body like a temple and making healthy choices on a daily basis. By all means treat yourself, but keep a level head with regards to health and fitness.


Princesses Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

cartoon, anime, screenshot, illustration, Many of the most beloved princess tales, Beauty & The Beast, The Princess & The Frog etc, have taught us that we should never judge a book by its cover. Having such restricted thinking will only damage your relationships with people in the long run.


Princesses Are Always Honest

mouth, screenshot, anime, fictional character, sielblack, Getting caught out in a lie is one of the worst feelings in the world, and the best way to avoid that is to live as honestly as you possibly can! Being honest is a key virtue in the realm of princesses, so try to take that on in your own daily life.


Princesses Are a Friend You Can Trust

performance, stage, musical theatre, screenshot, Try to be one of those friends that are always the first to be called when somebody is in need of some comforting or some advice. Being a trustworthy friend puts you on a pedestal and makes you irreplaceable to the people who see you in that way.


Princesses Believe in Themselves

cartoon, anime, screenshot, illustration, mangaka, The princesses in the classic tales all managed to achieve such great things because they truly believed in themselves, and you should too. After all, what is the point to having ambitions and dreams if you are not confident enough to follow through with them?


Princesses Try to Right Their Wrongs

fashion, musical theatre, None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes, but you can unlock the inner princess in yourself by actively going back to try to rectify these mistakes and make up for your wrong doings as you go. Seeking forgiveness can often lead to you feeling much more positive about yourself.


Princesses Always Try Their Best

screenshot, 491, The world really does respect somebody who tries their hardest! Sometimes, the satisfaction is not in winning or achieving something, but in the way that you put your whole heart in to it and tried your very best.


Princesses Are Loyal

color, red, woman, pink, beauty, Be fiercely loyal to your friends and your family, because at the end of the day they are the people who are going to be there at your side when you are in need of some comforting of your own.


Princesses Never Give up

hair, human hair color, color, red, face, Like I said, personal growth comes not in the winning on competitions but in the effort that it takes to make that personal journey. No matter how hard something might seem in the middle, make the effort to never give up and always see your projects through to the end.

Are you going to adopt the Princess Principles?

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I am my own princess with my exclusive rights 👰👰👰

Reading this made me think I've got most of these traits 😊summed me up well!

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