The Monsters 😈 in Your Head 😰 ...

I need a nightlight for my head,
For that's where the monsters hide,
The one's were all beneath my bed,
But now they're all inside,
I hear them moving in my brain,
They won't let my thoughts be still,
They're immune to all my treatments,
All the medicines and pills,
I try to make them go to sleep,
When I lie down for the night,
But it's their favorite time to stomp around,
They won't turn off the light,
They find the most joy in sorting,
My memories from years ago,
The ones I had carefully stored away,
In a box of " Things, I wish I didn't know',
These monsters up inside my head,
Will never really leave,
Until they dug up all the memories,
They're able to retrieve,
So I guess that I could fight them,
Or I could listen while they teach,
That the memories we can learn from most,
Are the ones we placed just out of reach,
These monsters can get tiring,
But they keep me company in my head,
And I think my thoughts would get lonely,
if they lived under my bed.

Your mind is a beautiful thing, it holds memories and experiences of life that you want to hold. Good or bad, what happened to us taught us to do something better or drown to sad land. Nothing is easy, as they say. It's true.

When you're in the middle of the road where neither one leads to a real direction. it's funny when you said you are alone, but in your head, there's a lot of conversation.

When hard times come we tend to let ourselves down, and resent, anger, grudge, blame, and everything bad that happens in your life flashes back like a rewind button. Switching your mode from blue setting to yellow takes a lot of practice.

When you learn to choose the good no matter how bad the situation has become, it is a choice, and it comes with time, with knowing yourself, knowing your worth, with choosing to be an optimist.

No one has the strength, the power, to restraint, accept, or disperse the demons on your head but you. Not all of them are bad, some of them are useful to fight the storms that life throws at you. Just like a pet you need to tame the demons in your head, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

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