The Least Obvious Flaw of Each Zodiac Sign ...


The Least Obvious Flaw of Each Zodiac Sign ...
The Least Obvious Flaw of Each Zodiac Sign ...

When you think about it, it is very easy to pinpoint and recognise the worst flaws in both yourself and in other people. Glaring, worst qualities are simple to spot, but what about the ones that a little more under the surface and less obvious? Here is the least obvious flaw of each zodiac sign.

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You are too prone to leaving things too long and then having opportunities pass you by. Stop procrastinating and start saying yes to more things more quickly.



You have a tendency to spend too much money wherever you go. You want to treat yourself, but you don’t always have the spare funds to do so!



You always need to be in control, which is okay when you are with people who need a leader but can cause trouble when you are with someone who doesn’t want to be pushed around all the time.



You think about everything way too much! Overthinking is a bad flaw because it can often lead to you not getting on with your life for fear of invisible repercussions.



A classic lion, you sometimes have the tendency to be a little bit too brash and feisty. You don’t see anything wrong with it, but it can put other less passionate people off!



You are too much of a perfectionist. Your need to have everything be absolutely perfect often gets in the way of good things actually happening to you.



You are a little bit too obsessed with your love life. Your need to find romance all the time can sometimes get in the way of other elements in your life like family and friends.



You tend to be a little bit too mysterious for your own good! You think you are being sexy and playing hard to get, but in reality you are just being too obtuse and putting people off.



You can sometimes be a little bit too blunt. You think you are just being honest and straightforward, but it can hurt the feelings of those around you!



You actually work too hard all the time. Your work/life balance isn’t what it should be, and although you might be excelling in your career, your social life is probably suffering as a result.



Your standards are way too high when it comes to dating and romance. You won’t settle for anything less than what you see in the movies, which is unrealistic and can often lead to extended periods of loneliness.



You have a tendency to be a little bit too shy, and as a result, you get lost in the crowd and fail to stand out. Try to be a little bit more extroverted!

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