7 Terrific and Low Cost Tips for Helping Others That Require Little Effort ...

In today’s money-driven and self-driven society, it never hurts to remember a few tips to help others during your day that take minimal effort, but create huge impact. Don’t think that money is the only way to help someone, or that helping someone requires a lot of time. On the contrary, some of the most helpful and thoughtful things you can do for someone require little to no money and are easy to fit in your schedule. Check these tips to help others out and be sure to share yours with me!

1. Send a Card

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One of my favorite tips to help others is to send them a word of encouragement sporadically in the mail. I enjoy keeping a box of blank cards so I can send one to someone I haven’t talked to in a while to let them know I’m thinking of them. I also love sending people I know e-cards through email too, but while email is great, never forget the benefits and treasure of sending someone a card by snail mail. Truly, people know you took time out of your schedule to send a thought their way. This is so helpful to someone going through a hard time, or that may just need some cheering up in the middle of the crazy work week. People always remember those who send cards versus email, trust me!

2. Donate a Book

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One great tip for helping others is to donate a book you read and really enjoyed to someone you know. Not only will you save them money, but you’ll also give them something that could help them or entertain them the same way it did for you. This is completely free and makes such an easy and thoughtful gift. I just had someone send me a helpful book in the mail, and I couldn’t have been more grateful or excited to receive such a simple gift.

3. Prepare a Dinner

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One pretty fabulous tip you can use to help someone is to make them dinner, or any other meal for that matter. If someone you know had a bad day, a bad week, a family tragedy, a problem at work, etc., then perhaps make an extra plate next time you make yourself dinner. Or, just do it even if they had a great week! Either way, it helps them out and lets them know you were thinking of them. Carry it to them and let them know you thought they might like to enjoy a free meal on you. Better yet, invite them over for a meal in your own home!

4. Carry out Their Groceries

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I learned such a helpful tip a few years ago that is an easy way to help people every time you go to the store. If you’re just picking up one or two items, offer to carry out a random stranger's groceries for them. Perhaps choose a mom who has her hands full of kids, or an elderly person who might be having a hard time. Some people may turn down the offer, but many will see you as someone who’s generously offering to help them. If you have a full load yourself, ask a bag boy to help you.

5. Visit Them

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Sometimes, one of the best things you can do to help someone is to just visit them. Let them know you’re stopping by and come spend a little time with them. It is so easy to get caught up in our schedules and routines, but visiting others is a great way to help them. It can give them someone to talk to, can boost their confidence, let them know they have someone who cares about them, and can give you a friend in the process.

6. Do Their Laundry

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If you live with a roommate or family member, then offer to do their laundry. Unless they’re a little private about their undergarments, most people will gladly take you up on this. I know I would, wouldn’t you?

7. Walk Their Dog

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Perhaps your neighbor, roommate, friend or family member is going out of town, not feeling well or is injured. Offer to walk their dog for them, and even better, offer to stop by and care for it while they’re out of town or in remission. This is one of the nicest, most appreciated things you can do to help someone, and it gives you a little exercise too!

I enjoy helping others because in the midst of a stressful schedule, helping others is important. It enhances your well-being, as well as theirs. Take a little time out of your schedule and help someone next time you get a chance. Do you have a favorite tip to help someone that requires little time or money?

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