7 Terrific and Low Cost Tips for Helping Others That Require Little Effort ...


In todayโ€™s money-driven and self-driven society, it never hurts to remember a few tips to help others during your day that take minimal effort, but create huge impact. Donโ€™t think that money is the only way to help someone, or that helping someone requires a lot of time. On the contrary, some of the most helpful and thoughtful things you can do for someone require little to no money and are easy to fit in your schedule. Check these tips to help others out and be sure to share yours with me!

1. Send a Card

One of my favorite tips to help others is to send them a word of encouragement sporadically in the mail. I enjoy keeping a box of blank cards so I can send one to someone I havenโ€™t talked to in a while to let them know Iโ€™m thinking of them. I also love sending people I know e-cards through email too, but while email is great, never forget the benefits and treasure of sending someone a card by snail mail. Truly, people know you took time out of your schedule to send a thought their way. This is so helpful to someone going through a hard time, or that may just need some cheering up in the middle of the crazy work week. People always remember those who send cards versus email, trust me!

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