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7 Tell-Tale Signs Your Self Confidence Needs a Makeover ...

By Heather

Certain signs your self confidence needs a makeover might be hard to spot if you’re unaware of them. I never thought I had low self esteem, until I read about certain signs I was displaying that proved differently. You need to be aware of these for many reasons. First, how you carry yourself affects how others view you, and treat you. Secondly, it affects your job performance, ability to get jobs, and relationships with others. Third, it hurts your relationship with yourself, and life isn’t supposed to be about looking down on ourselves. So, to not only make you more aware, but also hopefully help you change, be sure you know the signs your self confidence needs a makeover. If you display any of these signs, it’s time we give you a positive boost dear!

1 You Look down

One of the signs your self confidence needs a makeover is if you’re constantly looking down all the time. I know you might not realize it, but looking down while walking, or in general, is one of the most harmful things you can do to yourself each day. It not only creates a mindset in you of fear of looking up and approaching the world head on, but it also makes you see yourself as unworthy. If you never look up while walking, or out in public, don’t think people don’t notice. Start seeing yourself as important, because you are! The world deserves to look you head on, and you deserve to be a part of it!

2 Your Appearance

Have your efforts in appearance taken a nosedive lately? I’m not talking about wearing a full face of makeup either! Hey, I don’t think makeup makes you more attractive, or is necessary, but it is a sign of taking pride in being ready to face the world each day. Your appearance might need a makeover in even smaller ways too. Washing your hair, ironing your clothes, wearing clothes that match, or wearing appropriate clothes period, are all ways your appearance should be prioritized daily. These small, yet huge efforts, all show you think enough of yourself to take care of yourself.


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3 You Mumble

Do you talk quietly or mumble? This is a major sign that shows low self confidence. Both talking at a low volume, or just mumbling show signs of low confidence. Be sure you speak up, and speak proud. Whatever you’re saying deserves to be heard. Usually, people who mumble don’t feel their words are worthy of being heard. So speak up because you are worthy! A confident voice creates a confidence person, and the world will notice when you speak with confidence; trust me!

4 You Avoid Eye Contact

When you are around others, or talk to them, do you avoid eye contact? This is also a major sign of low self confidence. Make an effort to look others in the eye. They probably think you’re being rude, even though you’re not, or possibly, that you’re mad at them. Be sure to look people in the eye, even if you’re shy. You might not notice you’re doing it, but trust, me, they do!

5 You Don’t Eat Well

Do you eat to take care of yourself, or does your diet speak of how you feel about yourself? If you don’t eat well to nourish your body, don’t expect to feel good about yourself as a result. You’d be surprised by how much changing your diet to eat healthy can boost your self confidence. You are what you eat, so give yourself the best food possible!

6 You Binge

Along with eating well, you should also check in with your binge habits if you’re a binge eater. Whether you binge on on healthy foods or junk foods, binging is a sign of low self confidence. Many people are stressed, have a low self esteem, or don’t feel they can deal with life effectively, so they binge. Others binge to numb depression, hurt feelings, or pain, among a host of other things. Binging is a serious issue that’s a true eating disorder, not just a bad habit. I suggest getting help as soon as possible, since it can even lead to health problems. You can contact my favorite resource, The National Eating Disorders Association, also known as NEDA, at:

7 Your Finances Are a Wreck

This one might surprise you. If you can’t manage your finances well, it might be because you lack the self confidence, or belief that you deserve to have a healthy budget. I used to sadly be in these shoes, and they’re not always easy to wear, nor face, or deal with. Once you believe that your budget deserves your attention, it’s time to get those finances in order. Numbing yourself out by spending is one way many people make themselves feel better, but it’s a true sign of low self esteem in all reality.

If you’re displaying any of these unhealthy signs of low self confidence, I hope you’ll give these pointers some thoughts. Do you know of any other tell-tale signs of low self confidence?

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