7 Superficial Things That Won't Actually Make You Happier ...


7 Superficial Things That Won't Actually Make You Happier ...
7 Superficial Things That Won't Actually Make You Happier ...

It's crazy to think that some of the things you've spent your entire life trying to get, like more money and good looks, won't actually make you happier. Sure, they'll make you feel good about yourself for a bit, but it won't make your life any better overall. Here are a few superficial things you think you need that won't actually make you any happier:

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Model Looks

Everyone has insecurities that they wish they could change. However, even if you magically woke up one day looking like the most beautiful woman on the planet, your life wouldn't be any better. Sure, you'd get more phone numbers and a lot of free drinks, but the most important thing about beauty is being happy with yourself. Impressing others shouldn't matter.



You've probably heard the phrase, "Money can't buy you happiness." Even though a lot of cash can get you a nice house and car, material items won't make you happy forever. Impressing your neighbors with all your cool stuff is fun at first, but it's more important to have happiness with your family, your love life, and yourself.



Getting hundreds of likes on your selfies and having parties to go to every weekend sounds like a blast. However, the more friends you have, the more impersonal you'll be with them. It's better to have a smaller group of friends that you can actually find time to hang out with and get to know better.


Success at Work

You probably want to reach the top of your career ladder, but it's not always happy up at the top. If you love the work that you do, you won't like becoming a manager, because you'll be ordering people around instead of actually doing the work you enjoy. Plus, they'll be way more pressure on you to be successful. While you should always strive to do better in your career, you shouldn't cry your eyes out when you don't get that big promotion.


Superior Intelligence

You can know a lot of things, but you can't know absolutely everything. Don't stress out if you can't get every answer right on Jeopardy. Don't feel stupid if you can't do calculus. Unless you decide to take a very specific path in life, you'll never actually need to know about vectors. You should always try to learn as much as you can, but don't stress yourself out too much if the information doesn't stick.


Hot Boyfriend

Finding a random, hot man to date won't make you happy. The only way you'll be happy in a relationship is if you're with someone who you truly love. Having a hot boyfriend will be nice for a while, because you'll get to show him off and feel better about yourself, but it'll get old fast if you're not interested in his personality.



Being famous looks like fun. You get to appear on talk shows, sign autographs for fans, and have the means to do whatever you want. However, celebrities are always in the public eye. Do you really want someone flashing photos of you whenever you step out to get the mail? Fame wouldn't make you as happy as you'd think.

Happiness is a funny thing. Even though you assume that certain things will bring you joy, they're not as fulfilling as the seemingly smaller things are. That's why you should always try to enjoy your life just the way it is. What makes you the happier than anything else?

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Why can't you be happy with all these things? Always look on the bright side, just because your rich or poor, hot or not doesn't mean it's impossible to be happy either way. 😊

Been needed to hear this all for while !

What if he has a nice personality as well

Maybe it's just me, but rich miserable sounds more appealing than poor miserable.

All these things make most people happier.. I feel much better when I look good than if not and same goes with intelligence. It just makes me more satisfied with myself

All of it is true we keep running behind things which makes us more miserable...

Pretty sure all these things make people happy

I would be more happier with more money bc I could live more comfortable without the stress of paying bills.

Peace of mind

Literally all this stuff would make anyone happy. Especially the money part. The idea that money can't buy happiness is so flawed. I'm pretty certain the person who made that up lived s comfortable life and said that only to make themselves feel better about those who don't have as much as them.

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