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To be efficient you organize your workspace, but to promote success you might want to consider the ways to apply feng shui to your desk. You don’t have to apply feng shui theory to all aspects of your life, but the workplace is definitely one of the places where there are many benefits to having a boost of positive energy. Look at it as taking it one step further than having an ergonomically efficient and beneficial working area. The ways to apply feng shui to your desk are pretty simple and may just make the difference between you wanting to go to work or pulling a sickie!

1. The Bagua Map

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The easiest way to understand the basic feng shui theory is the Bagua Map. This is basically a 3x3 grid with each section representing an aspect of life and corresponding to a specific area on your desk. The Bagua map will help you initially visualize the ways to apply feng shui to your desk – essentially you’ll overlay your desk with the grid, but before getting on with that, there’s a few things to do first.

See the Bagua map here huntingandgatherings.com

2. Preparation

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Just with any dΓ©cor or change up job, there’s some prep. These lay the foundation. The first thing is to consider the position of your desk. The best location is opposite the door of your office or the main entrance door. If this is not possible, try to position a mirror so you can see the entrance – this enables you to β€œsee the opportunities”. Next to tackle is the desk surface –clear the clutter. You need a nice clear desktop before you can get down to the feng shui. Take this chance to reorganize your files and get rid of any rubbish. Now you’re ready to apply the Bagua Map.

3. Wealth and Prosperity

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Referring to the Bagua Map, you want to dedicate the back left corner of your desk to prosperity. Generally feng shui principles say that the best way to attract money is with a plant, which represents growth. A bamboo plant is a particularly good option.

4. Fame and Reputation

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The center-back space of your desk represents fame. This isn’t fame in the β€œAndy Warhol 15 minutes” kind of way, but more about your accomplishments and reputation. In the work sense it applies to your journey up the corporate ladder. Reserve this space for your nameplate or business cards, and if they aren’t appropriate, put a motivational image there instead. Your framed diploma or a picture of one of your most achieving moments are good ideas for your fame space.

5. Love and Relationships

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You may wonder if you should be thinking about love at work, but when you apply feng shui to your desk you are aiming to create positive chi (energy). Everyone needs love in their life and love is a positive force. If you already have a partner – stick a photo of them in the love space. If you feel you need a little luck in love, fresh flowers are perfect for the back right corner of your desk.

6. Creativity

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Boosting creativity at work applies whatever your job. Just being smarter or faster at what you do helps you get on in your career. To boost creativity, pay attention to the right center of your desk. Think about something relative to your job or something that helps you think/focus. Metal objects in silver, gold and copper are especially good.

7. Helpful People and Travel

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I’ve never quite understood why helpful people and travel are put together in feng shui but they are and in the Bagua Map, the area for this combined focus is the front right of your desk. You do however not have to go with a combo. Choose whichever appeals to you most, or the one you need more help in. For travel, a picture of your dream vacation location would work or your favorite travel book/guide.

8. Family

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The left center of your desk is the space for family. The most obvious way to represent your family is with a photograph – even if your family happens to be your pooch or moggy. If you want to add even more enhancement to the positive family vibe, use a wooden frame for your picture.

9. Wisdom and Knowledge

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Knowledge is power! And, there is strength in wisdom! Boost your brain power and enhance your sagacity by putting a reference book or a picture of a famous β€œbrainiac” on the front left of your desk.

10. Health

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There are many ways to stay healthy at work but if you spend hours chained to your job, you might need to channel some positive chi through the wellness area of your desk. This area is the dead center, however, we all know that in many cases this is going to be occupied by our computer/laptop. If so, just keep this area as clear and free of other clutter so the good energy can at least flow around your computer.

11. Career

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This is probably the most important area to focus on when you apply feng shui to your desk. The area which represents your career is unsurprisingly, front and center. Like the area immediately in front of it (health), it benefits from being kept clear of clutter - practically impossible when you’re actually working, but clear it away every chance you can, and certainly don’t leave anything in the space overnight, except maybe your favorite inspirational quote.

If you think back to the Bagua Map, you will see that each of the grid sections is also colored. This color is tied to the force represented in each grid section so, if you want to take the ways to apply feng shui to your desk one step further, apply those colors to the corresponding areas and the items you pick. And remember, if you have an entire office to yourself you can apply the grid to the whole space, not just your desk. Do you practice feng shui?

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