7 Societal Messages You Shouldn't Let Knock Your Confidence ...

Magazines, television, and radio have taught us to believe certain things about beauty and success, but there are societal messages you shouldn’t let knock your confidence. You can’t believe everything you read or hear in the media. Although we’ve been conditioned to think a particular way, we need to learn to re-evaluate our priorities. When you turn on the television or open a magazine, here are some messages you shouldn’t let knock your confidence:

1. Thin is Better

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The majority of Hollywood, especially the female population, are thin. When we see what models and actresses look like, we have a desire to look the same. They’re famous and happy, and their beauty contributes to their success, right? However, you should never push yourself to look like someone you see in the movies, because that person isn’t real. They’re just a character with pounds of make-up on and a personal stylist to take care of their hair. The women in magazines are no different--they’re photoshopped and posed in a way that makes them look appealing. One of the messages you shouldn’t let knock your confidence is that thin is better, because that’s certainly not the case.

2. A Degree is Everything

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If you’re able to attend a prestigious university, that’s fantastic! Education is important, and a degree will open dozens of doors for you. However, some people are unable to afford college. If you don’t have a degree, your life isn’t doomed. You can be just as successful without a degree as with one. Look at Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

3. Money Will Make You Happy

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Your happiness doesn’t depend upon how much money you have to spend. Of course, life is easier when you’re not struggling to pay the rent, but your happiness resides within you. A great relationship or landing your dream job both have the potential to make you feel fulfilled. Paychecks are crucial to survive, but they won’t grant you the happiness you deserve.

4. Disorders Are Glorified

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Unfortunately, things like anorexia, cutting, and depression are glorified. People see them in a positive light, although there’s nothing happy about them. There’s nothing wrong with people who are genuinely depressed, but you shouldn’t strive to have a disorder. Pretending is disrespectful, and only makes things more difficult for the ones who are actually suffering from the disorders.

5. Only Men Can Be Promiscuous

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If a man has a new female companion every week, he’s a player. He’s a bachelor who is just trying to have a good time and ‘boys will be boys.’ Meanwhile, if a woman has a new man every month, she’s called hurtful names. As long as you’re using protection and not lying to your partners, you’re free to do as you wish. It’s your life, and your ultimate decision.

6. Tattoos and Piercings Are Disgraceful

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Thankfully, this belief is starting to fade as times change. It’s understandable that some companies don’t want their employees covered in piercings or tattoos. However, having them shouldn’t be taboo. If your boss is fine with them, then you’re free to get them. No one should judge you for having one or two piercings.

7. Make-up Makes You Beautiful

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Some people would never leave the house without make-up, which is understandable. It can enhance your appearance and boost your confidence immediately. However, don’t think that your beauty relies upon beauty products. Even without your mascara and lipstick, you’re stunning. Your natural appearance is nothing to be ashamed of; It’s something to be proud of!

You’re amazing, no matter what you look like or how you behave. Are there any other messages society sends us?

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