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7 Single Inspirational Words to Meditate on ...

By Jessica

Inspirational words hold a lot of power, especially if you believe them to be true and descriptive of yourself! Sometimes, meditating on a single word throughout your day, allowing it to permeate every aspect of what you do and how you do it, can change your mood and peace tremendously. Here are some single inspirational words to keep your thoughts focused on- pick a different one daily and see how it changes you!

1 Courage

Courage is one of those inspirational words many of us face on a daily basis. It could be that you need courage to stand up for your beliefs, courage to step out of your comfort zone where change happens or courage to be driven in your work and your relationships. Think on the word courage and apply it wherever you need it most!

2 Determination

Sometimes life has a way of discouraging us and bringing us down to a point where we need motivation just to stand up. Be determined to move forward, past the things that are momentarily difficult! Even if things aren't so hard right now, have the determination to just make your life better in all aspects.


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3 Freedom

Freedom is a vast word meaning many different things to different people. My favorite uses of the word are simply being free to be who you want to be in life and also the freedom of not being bound by anything negative. Don't let fear hold you back from your goals and don't forget to forgive others and yourself so that you can live a free and peaceful life!

4 Energy

Many days I wish I could harness more physical energy and mental awareness just to get through the day. One technique is to focus on the energy of one body part, say your feet, and how they move with the ground. It sounds abstract but focusing on the energy of one location, particularly one that is vital to how you move, can increase your awareness overall.

5 Strength

Strength is both physical and mental. It's important to have bodily strength through diet and exercise for optimal physical health. It's also equally important to have mental strength. This can manifest when you're faced with a seemingly impossible task, associated with some kind of pain, and you know that it's a battle of the mind to overcome your own fears. Focus on strength today and see where it leads you.

6 Character

A person's character is arguably one of the most important aspects of a person. Character relies someone's values and personality, and shapes how they interact with the world. If you don't love parts of you own character, focus on ways to change certain areas. Some things we cannot change about ourselves and that's a good thing- other things aren't as concrete and we are able to mold and change them.

7 Dignity

Dignity is a word that's often misinterpreted or neglected altogether. Dignity and respect are not the same thing, as respect is something that's generally earned (although that doesn't give license to be disrespectful). We are all born with dignity- it's our inherent value as humans to be treated with worth, listened to, understood and treated fairly. It's self-respect validated through the actions of others. Treat others with dignity and expect the same in return!

Meditating on these words whenever you see fit can be enormously beneficial for your own quality of life and happiness! There are many other inspirational words not listed here- would you care to share the ones that mean the most to you, including what's on this list?

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