7 Simple Ways to Spice up You Room without Too Much Work ...


7 Simple Ways to Spice up You Room without Too Much Work ...
7 Simple Ways to Spice up You Room without Too Much Work ...

At some point in your life, there comes a time when your room is in desperate need of some change but there aren't a lot of ways to spice up your room without completely remodeling it. Not everyone has the time and resources to give their room a complete makeover. But don’t worry, because you are not completely out of different ways to spice up your room, just read on and see for yourself!

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Get Rid of the Clutter

Get Rid of the Clutter One of the first ways to spice up your room and make changes is to get rid of unnecessary items. Over time we tend to accumulate a number of things in our room, but the problem is that we never end up using them, so this is the time to get rid of the junk. Just ask yourself, ‘Have I used this in the past couple of months?’ or ‘Do I really need it?’ If not then it has got to go! You won’t even realize how such a small detail can completely change the atmosphere and open up the room.


Change up Your Bed Set

Change up Your Bed Set Changing up your bed set doesn't seem like a radical move but it has a big effect on the overall look of the room. You can do anything from changing up the complete style of your bed set to just altering the colors and going toward darker yet warmer shades for fall. Not only would a fresh bed set allow you to have better sleep but it will spice up the appearance of your bedroom!


Add Plants

Add Plants Adding plants is a great and easy way to change up your old and boring bedroom. They are versatile so you’ll definitely find something that fits your taste and most of the time they are affordable. You can set the flowers as statement pieces in your bedroom or just use them as accents, and even if you are not a big fan of taking care of plants, there are always fake ones! Possibilities are endless, and the final pick is up to you!


Hang up New Curtains

Hang up New Curtains If you are looking for a way to change up the look of your room, you can never neglect the windows! Sometimes all it takes is to just change the curtains, or if you don’t have any, try to add them to your décor! The key to transforming your room is experimenting with new possibilities.


Add a Rug

Add a Rug Another accessory that will add a unique touch to your room is a rug! Whether you want it to become a prominent piece in your room, lighten up or darken the atmosphere, it’s a great way of changing up your environment. Even if you are an owner of a rug already, there is no harm in switching it to something new!


Add Wall Decals

Add Wall Decals Painting your walls is time consuming and expensive, but there are alternative options to sprucing up your walls. You can purchase wall decals with inspiring quotes or creative images, add an intricate mirror, hang up wall art, and even make your own collages and hang them up on your bare walls! It's a great way to improve your room and add a nice view for yourself to enjoy.


Change up the Decorations

Change up the Decorations Even the change up of small details can make a huge difference in your home, which is why replacing your room accessories and decorations is important when achieving a new look. You can do anything from replacing your picture frames with fresh photos, displaying new books, hanging up posters and overall just adding new pieces as accessories!

Sometimes we all need a change in life and what’s a better way to do that than by switching up your room without doing too much to it? What’s your favorite way to switch up the appearance and atmosphere of your room? Let me know about your tips and tricks!

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Where can you get the wall decals from?

Does anyone have any ideas on where to find a table like the one in #7?? I really like it!

Loved the article, I'm gonna do decals soon. Got some online

Love the yellow bedroom & I believe I've seen wall decals at Target as well

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