3 Simple ✌️ Steps πŸ“Ά to Be Chill 😌 AF ...


If you were being completely honest with yourself, you are probably someone who is wound up a little too tightly, right? I think we are all guilty of being too up tight and anxious sometimes, and you can definitely be forgiven in this current nervy political and social climate that we are living in! However, at the end of the day if you never allow yourself to let go and unwind, you are going to start suffering at hands of your own stressful nature. Here are three simple steps to being chill AF!

1. Slow Everything down

One of the most effective and simple ways to find a little bit of peace with yourself is to find a way to slow everything down in your life. From the way you eat to the way you drink, to the way you walk and talk, be more mindful of the pace that you set yourself and work on doing things in a more measured and leisurely manner. Slowing down helps to give you some fresh perspective. After all, why are you rushing around in all areas in the first place?

Five Minute Focus
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